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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Still Waiting

I'm still just sitting here waiting for the first of February to arrive. Seems like it will be forever before I will know for sure it everything is all right. Man, I just hate the wait.

Nothing else too eventful has gone on this week. I was supposed to have a nurse visit at my OB's office to go over my medical history but it was cancelled. I guess the nurse had some sort of emergency come up and they had to cancel her appointments for the day. Oh well.

I have had a few days this week where my stomach has been a little "off". I wouldn't say its morning sickness per se, but more so that nothing sounds good to eat. Usually I enjoy my food and usually have something in particular that I want to eat. However, this week whenever I am trying to figure out a meal, nothing sounds even remotely tempting and actually makes me feel more like not eating. It kind of makes my stomach flip flop when I think about food. ANY kind of food, but I don't feel like throwing up. I am hoping I do not end up with full on morning sickness. I have never had to experience that before and I would prefer to not start now.

Since I already had a belly from carrying my twins and having a c-section with them I feel like I already look pregnant. I suppose it's because I can't suck it in at all now. I also can't stand anything tight around my belly. I'm feeling I'll move to my maternity clothes before I actually need them out of the pure desire to not feel confined.

Friday will be my ultrasound, which is still a few days away. My "roll over" days for my weeks are on Thursday, so that is when I will write my entry for the previous week. So the next journal entry I'll have the results from my scan. I am so excited as my hubby was able to get off work, so he'll be attending with me. I decided not to have Dylan and Kaylee present for this first scan just in case we get bad news. If all goes well, I will allow them (as will my doctor) to attend future scans so they can see their baby brother or sister's progress.

So for now . . . I'm still just waiting. And waiting and waiting.

~ Laura

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