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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Finally an Ultrasound!

With much anticipation, the day of my ultrasound finally arrived. My hubby was able to get off work for the big event as well and I was quite glad since I was pretty nervous.

My appointment wasn't until 11:30am, so I got up and got Dylan and Kaylee off to school. I think they were almost as excited as I was and they couldn't stop talking about it in the car on the way. They asked all sorts of questions and I tried to answer them as best as I could. We opted not to take them to this appointment just in case we got bad news. I didn't want to have to have them go through that.

Finally, hubby and I were off to the appointment. From where we live, its almost an hour drive, but given I was so nervous, it seemed more like five. We finally arrived at the office and did all the paperwork updates (I had moved and changed insurance companies since my last visit) and then settled in to wait for our turn. The receptionist had warned me when I made the appointment that it might be delayed a bit as there was another ultrasound scheduled prior to me. And sure enough, we didn't get in until a little bit after noon.

I think my doctor knew I was anxious because he got right too it. While he got everything set up, we made some small talk over our twins. (He has a set of identical twin girls that he adopted from China. His girls and my kids share a birthday. So when he was delivering Dylan and Kaylee, his girls were being born on the same day in China. So we kind of share this bond over that.) Once he started the ultrasound I saw the familiar "black" hole, as I like to call it and then two little blobs. He explained that the smaller of the two blobs was the yolk sac and the larger was the baby. Then he showed me the BEST thing in the world . . . a beating heart. That was all I needed to hear. After that, I calmed immediately down and felt a huge stress come off my shoulders.

He did a few measurements, checked my dates and said everything looked perfect. By my last menstrual cycle, my due date is September 18, 2208. By measurement, my due date is September 16, 2008, which ironically was Dylan and Kaylee's due date. And there is only ONE baby. Given that my dates were good and we saw a heartbeat (148 bpm) he told me that all should be fine and my chances of miscarriage were very low now. I was so relieved. He printed me some pictures and made me a DVD of the ultrasound to take home as well. He even typed on two of the pictures "Hi Dylan and Hi Kaylee" so the kiddos could feel like they were a part of it. We discussed having a planned c-section since I had a prior and asked how I felt about September 10th. It was the day he and his wife got the girls from China and I thought that would be a fitting day as well. So unless my body decides otherwise, looks like this baby's birthday will be September 10th.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I'm already showing a bit. I think it's because I already had a pooch from when I carried the twins, so it's popping out quicker. That and I can't suck it in at all anymore. Also, I have been experiencing some mild morning sickness. This is new territory for me and I didn't have any in my previous pregnancies. I can't complain though. I still have it so much easier than many other woman and I am not actually vomiting . . . just have a sour stomach at times. Also, I am exhausted. I remember that from before. My poor husband thinks I don't love him anymore. Not only can I not stay awake for any "romance" but, I can't seem to get the laundry or dishes done in a timely manner either. I keep trying to remind him that it will pass, but I think he's feeling rather neglected. Guess I'll be needing to make up some time to him once I get to feeling better and have a bit more energy.

Other than that, just plugging along. Unfortunately, I won't get near as many ultrasounds this go around as I did with the twins (I had one every appointment with them) but I will be having another at the beginning of March just to check everything. So I'll be excited for that one to arrive. I'm hoping to take the kids to that one and any subsequent ones so they can watch the progress of their baby brother or sister. I want them to feel involved as much as possible.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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