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Week 17
~ Anxiously Waiting

They say that in each subsequent pregnancy, you start to feel your baby moving at an earlier time. For me, that just doesn't seem to hold true.

With the twins, I felt the first little twinges right around 18 weeks. By 20 weeks, there were definite movements and I knew it was my little babies wiggling around in there. When I was pregnant with Ethan, I was so excited figuring that I would be able to feel him sooner since it wasn't my first pregnancy. I thought since I knew what it felt like that I would notice it earlier. As it was, I don't think I felt him until closer to 19 weeks.

I was really hoping that with this baby I'd finally be able to enjoy those little wiggles by week 16 or 17. Nope, no such luck. I've been sitting here, anxiously waiting to get the tell tale sign of that little bean inside. So far, nothing. It is really starting to bum me out a bit honestly. I don't know if I am just too busy to notice, or if the little bean just isn't making his or her presence known yet. Either way, I want to feel this baby so bad I can't stand it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until he or she decides its ready. All of my other kids are stubborn, why would this one be any different?

Otherwise, I'm in that strange stage of pregnancy where you don't really "feel" pregnant. The little bit of morning sickness I had is now gone, nothing hurts and I can't feel baby. Other than my growing tummy, which is popping out quite nicely now, I wouldn't know I was pregnant. I think this is the stage of pregnancy I dislike the most. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to feel sick, but at least when you do, you KNOW you're pregnant. Right now . . . I just feel fat.

So, come on little one . . . it's time to start making a stir in there. I want to know you are there and feel you wiggling around. Then pregnancy really starts to feel real. Let's get a move on it!!!

Until next time . . .

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