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Week 18
~ Still Waiting

Ok, I am really starting to get impatient here. I mean, come on, how long do I have to wait? Where are you???

Obviously, this little one is STILL not making its presence known and I'm growing more impatient by the day. I guess this pregnancy has removed my patience ability. So, I still sit here waiting. I know that eventually I will feel it, but I want to feel it NOW!

Otherwise, I am feeling pretty good. All of the morning sickness seems to be gone and I am back to enjoying my food. It's nice to be able to eat something and not worry that it's going to make you feel yucky.

Next week I am going in to have a little mini-makeover. A guy who works for my husband, his wife is a hairdresser and she gave me a gift certificate to get a free cut and color. I can't even remember the last time I went in and got my hair trimmed let alone colored. I usually color it myself and just trim it myself. It has been the same long style for about 10 years now. I am so ready for a change and can't wait until the appointment. I want something totally new and updated and to get me out of my frumpy mommy mode. So I am really looking forward to that. Not only will I get a new do, but I'll also get a little bit of "me" time, which is rare.

This week was also my husband's birthday. The "old" guy turned 32. I took him out to lunch and then we had a nice little family dinner with my parents to celebrate. It is fun now because Dylan and Kaylee are old enough to pick out presents and keep them a secret, so they really get into celebrations like this. They really enjoyed helping to plan things out for their dad.

Next week, I also have a doctor's appointment. It's just my regular checkup, but we will be scheduling my 20-week scan. I can't believe I am already almost half way done and getting ready to book that ultrasound. Hopefully we'll get a peek at what Bubs is and finally know what we are having.

That is about the full update at this point. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have a few more exciting things to report. For those who wish . . . please think pink for us. While we just want a healthy baby, we'd love to have another little girl to even things out. So this gives you a couple of weeks to pass on the girly vibes.

Until next time,

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