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Week 19
~ Feels Like a Duplicate Post

For those who followed my journal with Ethan, this post may seem like a duplicate.

Once again I find myself faced with a situation that no one wants to be in. Just two weeks shy of Ethan's birth, my grandmother got very ill (she was an Alzheimer's patient) and passed away. I remember thinking to myself that just as one life leaves this world anther enters. I was very sad to know that she didn't quite make it long enough to meet her grandson.

So, here I am again. This time it is my grandfather. My mom called to let me know that he was refusing to eat or drink. Now mind you, he has done this before, as he really dislikes the food at the nursing home where he resides. So my mom kindly made him some of his favorite foods in hopes to coax him into eating. He did it a bit and we thought that he was going to move past it.

A couple of days later, my mom calls me again to tell me that he really isn't doing well and I should probably get over there to see him. He is going downhill fast and hospice has been called in. So I load the kiddos up and head over. Fortunately, he isn't far from me, so it's a fairly quick trip.

I arrive to see my grandpa lying in bed, struggling to breathe. His lungs were slowly filling up with fluid. They had in on a maintenance level of oxygen and he was having a hard time speaking. He was able to wake here and there and knew that we were there.

Well, to make a sad story short, over the course of the next few days, he just struggled more and more. By Thanksgiving, we weren't sure if he was going to make it through the day or not. And as it was, he passed at approximately 7:45am on Friday morning. My mom was by his side when he left this earth. For the previous day or two, he hadn't been able to really wake or speak, put just prior to taking his last breath, he opened his eyes wide, looked right at my mom and squeezed her hand hard. Then that was it. I am so very thankful that in his own way, he was able to say goodbye to her.

He was a very strong, honest, caring and loving man. I was very close with him. My dad was out of the picture from the time I was about 5 and my grandpa stepped right in. I spent many long days with him fishing or hanging out on the golf course with him (you'd think I'd be a good golfer!) and just spending time with him. He lived a long and wonderful life full of love, laughter, travel and family. He would have been 93 in January. He will be greatly missed, but I am so thankful for the blessing he bestowed to my life and know that he is now reunited with my grandma. They were married for 63 years when she passed. He will be very missed.

Strangely enough, about two hours after his passing . . . I finally felt this baby move! I don't know if it was just coincidence or not, but here I had been waiting so impatiently to feel the baby and when I least expected it . . . there it was!

As for the baby, I also had a routine checkup this week. All was great and baby's heartbeat was in the 140-150's. Next week I have my 20 week scan and hopefully we'll get to see what's cooking in there! Everyone keeps telling me they think it's a boy, but I'm hoping they are wrong.

So until next week . . .

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