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Week 20
~ And We're Having a . . .

20 weeksThis week I had my level II ultrasound. I always love these and hate them at the same time. I've been fortunate enough to get one with every pregnancy. With the twins it was because I was carrying multiples and was considered high risk. With Ethan and this baby, it was because of my age and being considered to be high risk again because in the world of baby making, I'm old. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad I get one. Don't get me wrong I am always nervous when I go in because they are also checking for markers for Downs and spinal defects etc. Fortunately, I have never had any markers for these things.

I was very disappointed though, as when I made my appointment, I specifically asked if Dylan and Kaylee as well as my mom could be in the room for the ultrasound. I was told it was no problem so had them all excited to be part of the hopeful big reveal. Well, when I got to the office I was informed that no one under the age of 12 could go back as it was RSV and flu season. It was heartbreaking to have to tell them that they couldn't be in there with me and it made me so sad to know that they were going to miss it all. Then to top it all off, they made me wait for over an hour to be seen. I was so annoyed. There was only myself and one other lady in the waiting room, so I have no idea what the hold up was, but I was sure to let them know that I wasn't pleased. I finally got to go back almost an hour and a half after I arrived.

It was my hubby and myself that went back first. The technician asked if we wanted to know the gender and we both said we did. It was one of the first things she looked at. Then she moved on to all of the measurements and checking for all of the proper things. At first she did have bit of trouble seeing the heart at the right angle because of how the baby was laying, but eventually she was able to get what she needed.

We also did get a bit of a treat. We got several pictures of our little bean in 4d. This was something we have never had done before, so it was really neat. I couldn't believe just how much you could see and how much this baby looks like an actual person. I will cherish that forever. The tech also took a ton of pictures and gave us a CD as well. I think she felt bad about the wait, so she gave me every thing she could think of. And it did make me feel a bit better.

Once all of the necessary things were done, my hubby went out and my mom came in for a few minutes. The tech was nice enough to go over each part and also do another 4d scan for my mom. That was a first for her as well.

Everything looks absolutely perfect and the little one is doing just as should be. I couldn't be happier and so grateful. Onto the reveal of what we are having.

. . . It's a boy! A healthy little boy. Poor Kaylee is going to be completely outnumbered and after she pouted for all of about 2 seconds she is really excited.

It will be nice for Ethan to have a little brother close in age. They will be 19 months apart so I am hoping they grow up to be best buddies. Although I was hoping for another girl, I feel so blessed to just have a healthy baby growing in there.

So, that's it for now. We have another little boy coming soon and all looks great. I posted a 20 week belly shot for you as well since I am now half way done cooking this little guy.

Until next time . . .

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