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Weeks 21 & 22
~ Just Plugging Along

Somewhere along the way I've managed to miss a week and am now a week behind. I'm guessing it happened with the week my grandpa passed. So instead of trying to do each week, I'm just going to combine them as nothing too exciting has occurred anyway.

I've decided that I may need to stop sending my kids to school. Not really, but it seems like lately they have brought home every bug under the sun and we've all been sick in some fashion or another. I got it first. It started in my chest and then lingered for about five days before it finally let up. Then, of course, Ethan got it. Poor little guy was so congested and coughing. I felt so bad for him. Overall though, he stayed in good spirits and finally started to get over it as well. Luckily, I got it back and have now had it this time for about five days too. I've been so stuffed up that I can hardly breathe at times. I hate taking medication when I'm pregnant, so I am just muddling through as best as I can. Since I was so lucky to get it a second time, I guess Ethan didn't want to feel left out, so now he has it again as well. He hates when I even come near him with a Kleenex now since his little nose is all red. In the last few days, Kaylee's had the sniffles and tonight my hubby came home with a horrible sore throat. Overall, we're just a bunch of sickies. So far, Dylan is the only one who really hasn't gotten in. Hopefully it stays away from him. I was hoping to not be spending Christmas not feeling well, but doesn't look like that is going to happen.

Our house is a hustle and bustle trying to finish up Christmas items. Our tree and decorations have been up since right after Thanksgiving, but all of the presents had to be bought and wrapped. Our kids still believe in Santa (thank goodness!) so I not only have to buy our "regular" presents, but the ones from Santa as well. Needless to say, I have a lot of wrapping to do every year. I am happy to say that I do have all of the shopping done and almost all of the wrapping is complete as well. The kids always start to get so excited for Christmas when they start seeing presents under the tree.

Speaking of the tree, I have been so proud of Ethan. I was sure that the tree was going to end up being an issue between the lights and ornaments and presents. He's actually been so good about not messing with everything. We taught him that he could touch the ornaments with just "one finger" as to help him realize that he has to be gentle and so far, he's been pretty good about it. I've only had him pull a few off of the tree.

All of the Christmas baking is done as well. We start this the weekend right after Thanksgiving and it takes us a good week to get it all done. We do about 40 different kinds of cookies each year and since our families have all grown, so has the amount of batches of each kind we make. I've done all of my trays that I give out and they are ready to be distributed. So overall, we're right on track.

As I mentioned, I started to finally feel this baby move the Friday right after Thanksgiving and since then, I am noticing it more and more. If this baby is anything like Ethan was, he'll be a big baby and I'll be starting to feel some pretty strong kicks soon. It's nice to know that he's in there though and frequently he bounces around to say hello. Just a few days ago I finally felt him from the outside. If I hadn't been trying to feel it or paying attention I would have missed it since is was so slight. Even so, it was a wonderful feeling. This is my favorite part of pregnancy.

All in all, things have been busy but in a good way. We love the holidays and are very excited to watch the kids open their presents. It's so much fun to experience it through their eyes.

By the time I write my next entry Christmas will be over. So I want to take this moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and for those who celebrate other holidays, I hope yours is wonderful as well. It is such a joyous time of year and really reminds me of what is truly important in my life . . . my family.

Blessing to you and all of yours.

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