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Week 23
~ Santa Claus is Coming

This week was full of anticipation in our house. The kids, with the exception of Ethan, are old enough to know all about Christmas and Santa and presents and have been anxiously waiting for this week to arrive. They have watched as the decorations went up in the house and gifts started to arrive wrapped under the tree. The Christmas music has been on the radio daily and the countdown has begun for the big day.

My husband and I made a deal along with our family that they were not to go overboard on the gifts this year for the kids. In years past they have actually gotten bored opening presents because they had way too many things and it just isn't necessary. We try hard to teach them that the season is about so much more than presents and getting new things and this year I really wanted them to understand that its so much more than that and so much more important to give than receive. When all the gifts were opened it was so much nicer knowing that tons of money wasn't spent and the kids enjoyed it just as much and they enjoyed giving of presents more than the receiving. Overall though, we all enjoyed the holiday. We are lucky in that our entire family lives close so we are able to all celebrate together, which to me is a gift in and of itself. The kids got to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles and after the loss of my grandfather it just made it that much more special to me that we all live near one another.

I also had a doctor's appointment this week. It ended up being a bit chaotic as I had four kids in tow with me. My kids were off school, so I had all three of them plus I watch a little baby and her with me as well. I'm sure the other patients in the office were thinking that here was a lady who was very busy in the baby-making department since I am obviously pregnant looking now. I could feel the eyes on me as we walked into the office. Oh well. The kids all behaved really well and it was nice for Dylan and Kaylee to get to go with me and hear the baby's heartbeat. It also gave them an opportunity to ask my doctor any questions. I'm very open with them about babies and birth, but I thought it was nice as my doctor took a few minutes to talk with them as well. I think it really made them feel included.

Baby is doing great. Measuring right on track. His heartbeat was in the 150-160 range, which is pretty much where it seems to be at each appointment. She asked if I was feeling him move now and I told her it seems to be more each day. I still don't feel sharp kicks or pokes, but I can definitely feel him rolling around in there and every now and again I get a kick I can feel with my hand on the outside. So far he's pretty elusive just like Ethan was in that each time I try to let one of the kids feel him, he stops moving. Little bugger. But things are good and I am feeling great. I'm definitely getting bigger and there is no doubt I'm expecting, but I love it. I feel very blessed to be growing this little being inside. I never thought we'd have the chance for this baby. I know I will be sad when it's over, as I know this is the last baby for us.

My next appointment is in three weeks and I have to do my glucose test. It's nice though as this office does all of their blood work in-house, so they gave me the drink and I just have to drink it prior to my appointment and then they will do my draw at my actual appointment. I don't have to go somewhere else. I just hope I pass it on the first go. With the twins, I ended up having to do the three-hour test, but with Ethan I passed the one-hour one.

So next week is on to the New Year. While 2009 hasn't been all bad, we sure have had some rough spots. I'm hoping the New Year will bring some new and good things to us as well as those around us.

Until next week . . .

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