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Week 26
~ The Dreaded Glucose Test

This week I had my prenatal visit and while there I had to do my 1-hour glucose test. I was to drink the "potion" 1-hour prior to my appointment and then they'd do the draw. In conjunction with this, they would do my regular appointment.

I did as I was instructed and drank my drink and arrived at my appointment. I let them know what time I finished so that they could do my draw one hour later. In the meantime, I gave them my urine sample and sat myself down in the waiting room. I got called back just a few minutes later (yeah!).

Once in the back they did the routine weight check, (we won't even go there as to how much I have gained. Let's just say I'd better cut out some of the ice cream!!!) took my blood pressure and then informed me that my doctor may or may not be able to see me as she had gotten called for a delivery.

Now I am quite aware that this is the nature of the beast at this type of doctor. Heck, when I had Ethan, MY doctor had to leave other patients to deliver me. But for some reason it still kind of ticked me off. And I know that is seriously selfish of me. I think mainly because my doc's office is 40 minutes from where I live. AND I usually arrange for my mom to watch my little one so that I don't have to haul him in there. So in my mind, I'm thinking great, I've may have to reschedule this and I'll probably have to re-do the darn glucose test as well.

Well, as it turned out, my doctor did end up having to leave before she saw me BUT I did get my blood drawn for my test. So I was happy about that. They rescheduled me for the following day.

The next day I arrived at my appointment and once again, was told my doc might have to leave. Oh, that's just great! Fortunately, she was able to quickly squeeze me in (I think she didn't want to make me reschedule for a second time) and did a very quick appointment. She listened to baby's heart rate, which was in the 140-150's. Asked if I was having any issues etc. and then left. She did have the nurse double check my blood pressure, as it was high when I first got to my appointment. On the second check it was back down to normal. She also gave me the results of my glucose test from the day before. I failed.

I was so bummed. So now I have to go do the 3-hour test, which has to be done at a lab. They don't do those in office. So, next week I will get that done. I have to fast for the test, so I'll make a point to go first thing in the morning. It is probably my own fault that I failed though. Not thinking about it I ate kind of a sugary cereal for breakfast figuring that since my appointment wasn't until the afternoon and after lunch it wouldn't be a big deal. Oops, my bad! Oh well, I guess I just have to suck it up and do the longer test. Hopefully I'll pass that one.

So next week will bring on another glucose test and then the following week it's back to the doctor. I'm now on every two weeks for my prenatal visits, which just makes me realize how much closer I am getting to the end. Realistically, this baby will be here in less than 11 weeks. Yikes!

Until next week . . .

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