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Week 31
~ More Moving

I was so ambitious getting Dylan's room moved around and Ethan transitioned into there that I decided to move Kaylee's room around as well. My mom will be coming to stay with us for at least the first week that I am home from the hospital, and how it was originally set up, she would sleep in Kaylee's room and Kaylee would be in Dylan's room with Dylan and Ethan. Dylan had bunk beds, so the two older ones would be on those and then Ethan in his crib. Well, since Ethan is still having trouble going to sleep in there with Dylan and we are still working through that issue, I started to worry that having three kids in one room would be too much.

So, I took Kaylee's bed out and put in a daybed with a trundle underneath. Now when my mom comes, she can sleep in Kaylee's room on the trundle and the two boys can be in Dylan's room. We took the top bunk off of Dylan's bunk beds to open his room up a bit as well. So, hopefully this will be a better solution. So I got to scratch one more thing off my list of "to-dos" before this baby arrives.

Nothing else too exciting has been going on. We still have not come up with a name for this baby which is starting to worry me a bit, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we'll decide on something we all like and can stick with. Otherwise, we may just have to name him my hubby's nickname for him of "Quatro" . . . since he's the fourth baby.

Until next week . . .

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