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Week 32
~ First Hiccups

This week started off with a new milestone. My weeks turn over on Sundays and at the start of this week, I felt the baby have the hiccups for the first time. It has been around this time for all of my kids that I felt them, except for Dylan. I never did feel him have them at all. It's such a funny thing too because at first you don't even realize that is what is going on. It take a minute or two to register that it's a rhythmic movement and that it is indeed the hiccups. It is quite an interesting feeling to experience. I have felt them several times throughout the week as well and I imagine I'll continue to do so.

I've also been ticking off the items that I need to purchase for this baby. I don't have much in the way of big things since I still have everything from all of the other kids, but I did have small things. I needed to get another baby monitor so that I would have one in Ethan's room as well as the baby's room. I also needed to get basics like wipes, diapers, nursing pad, breast milk storage bags, a baby book and a changing pad. I've been able to get just about everything so far except the nursing pads and baby book. My sister is giving me a book for a baby gift though, so now that will be taken care of as well. I'm so relieve that IF this baby were to come now, I'd have all the necessities taken care of. I do still need to pull out all the baby clothes and get them washed and put away, but they are already here, just need to be pulled out. I would like to go buy a couple of new outfits for him as well and I plan to do that in the next week or so.

I had another doctor's appointment as well. As usual everything was good and baby was measuring as he should. At my 34 week appointment I'll be making the appointment for my 35 week ultrasound. They will do any final measurements and also verify that he is head down, which he has been now for several weeks. Its quite obvious to me that his little bum is lodged up in my right rib cage and when he moved, he pokes it out hard to my right side. My doctor can feel his head down towards my pelvis however he is not engaged yet as far as we can tell. I'm anxious to get to see him one more time before I deliver. I will be going to the same place that did my 20 week scan so I am hoping they will do some 4d images again as well.

Until next week . . .

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