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Week 35
~ Getting Closer

I'm sorry that I've gotten a bit behind again. Time just seems to slip away from me. The closer this baby gets to arriving, the more scatter-brained I think I'm becoming.

In my 35th week, I've started on my weekly doctor appointments. At this one, my doc did my Strep B test and also gave me my first internal check. Turns out I am 1 cm dilated but only very slightly effaced. So nothing too serious going on in that respect. I've also started swelling in my feet and ankles to the point now where I can't get them to completely go away. Nighttime is the worst and by the time I go to bed, it's hard to walk because they are so puffy and sore. Usually by morning, they are better, but then as the day progresses, they puff right back up again. Its been getting hotter here too so I am sure that is not helping. I got spoiled while I was pregnant with Ethan and didn't really swell at all, so I guess I can't complain too much.

I've also decided that this week I'm going to pamper myself a bit. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage for my birthday, which he also did when I was pregnant with Ethan. Well, Ethan came early and I never got to do a pregnancy massage and instead just did a regular one after he was born. So this time, I decided I was going to use it right away to enjoy the actual pregnancy massage. So on Friday I will go get that done and then Saturday morning I'm going in to have my hair cut and colored so it's all-fresh for when the baby arrives. I'm very excited to get pampered a little bit and also get a little time to myself before the baby comes. I never take time for myself so I figured I deserved it.

Next week I have another weekly appointment and also have my 35 week (which ended up being a 36 week) ultrasound scheduled. It will be my last ultrasound ever and I'm really looking forward to it. All the kids and my mom and hubby will be coming so I am very excited.

Until next week . . .
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