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Week 38
~ I Made It!

38 weeksI honestly never thought I'd actually be posting just a regular weekly update. I thought for sure by now I'd be telling you all about the birth. But alas, I'm still here and still pregnant. This is the first time in four pregnancies now that I have ever been 38 weeks pregnant.

Everything has been going well. I am very uncomfortable, but I'm taking it all in stride as I know my little boy is nice and snug in my belly just doing what he should be doing . . . growing. I also don't want to wish the pregnancy away now that I am at the end. Even though my body is feeling it, I know in a week's time this baby will be here and I will never again feel these aches and pains. So for now, I will just try to enjoy the last few days I have of feeling this baby move INSIDE of me and be grateful for my blessing.

I had my last weekly appointment this week as well. Seems very strange to actually say that. Everything was great. My blood pressure was still fine and no protein in my urine. I gained three pounds in the past week and am a little disappointed with how much I've gained this pregnancy. However, I do know some of it is from the swelling. My feet and ankles have gotten pretty big over the past six weeks or so and no matter how much I put them up or drink water, I can't get them to go down now. My doctor and I joked because neither she nor I thought I'd make it to this appointment and she commented on how since it's the last baby, apparently this little guy wants to take full advantage of his stay. She checked me and I was STILL only 1 cm dilated, so that hasn't changed in a month. I guess he's just very content.

So, at this point, unless I should happen to go into labor on my own, which now doesn't seem too likely, I go in at 39 weeks 1 day to have my baby. I just can't believe we are already to this point. By far, this was my quickest pregnancy out of them all and I'm sure it's because I am a busy momma with three other kids. It is a bit sad though as I feel like I didn't get to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest.

For now, I'll assume that we'll be seeing this baby in a week and my next entry will be my birth story. I can't wait to meet this little guy and see what he looks like and how big he will be. I'm guessing at least 8 pounds, as he feels quite heavy.

Until next time . . .

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