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Birth Story
~ Meet Claire Brooke

ClaireI cannot believe I am sitting down to write my birth story. 39 weeks of carrying a baby seems like eternity and then before you know it, it is time. As you all know this was a planned c-section, so everything was scheduled down to a T. I had taken off work the week of the birth and it was filled with many things to do.

The week did not start off too well. Monday morning I woke up and I could tell that my body was swollen. It just happened over night. I had not taken my wedding rings off yet. So, yes they were stuck on my finger. Lotion, water, oil, nothing helped. I was headed to get my hair cut that morning and luckily where I get my hair cut there is a jewelry store across the way. So I had to go and have my wedding rings sawed off. It was so sad, but they did put them pack together. So that is a good thing. I also did some cleaning with the help of my mom. I wasn't too good at sweeping or bending down. I also finished packing for everybody for the hospital. Since I had so much to do, it made the week go by pretty fast. Wednesday night came along and the nerves were starting to set in. I just tried not to think about the surgery part and instead think of Claire and what she was going to look like.

Claire and AllyAllie stayed with my parents Wednesday night. She was also starting to get a little nervous. She told me earlier that day when I was taking her to school that she was scared. She knew that something was about to happen. We had told her that baby Claire was coming out of mommy's tummy tomorrow. So I think she understood to some degree, but could not fully grasp the whole concept of what was about to happen.

Brooke was also getting a little nervous as well. When he gets like that he just gets real quiet so he didn't have much to say. He had also been fighting a cold; bad time to get sick, huh? But in the end he did great.

I took a benedryl to help me sleep Wednesday night. It worked pretty well. Thursday morning I was dying of thirst, just like I knew I was going to be. I can not tell you how thirsty I was. I was swishing water around in my mouth to help the dryness. Brooke went to work for a couple of hours that morning (he works five minutes away from the house) and came by to pick me up and we were at the hospital at 10! We went straight back to the labor and delivery room and they did everything they needed to do to prep me for surgery. Then we just waited on my doctor to get there, which was not long. Surgery was scheduled at 12:30 and doc showed up a little after 12 to get started.

Family!Since I did not have a planned section with Allie, all this was different to me and was a little creepy. I walked in the surgery room and sat on the table. The anesthesiologist was ready for me as soon as I walked in. I immediately got the spinal, which was after the second try. He had to stick me twice which was not a pleasant feeling at all. He kept asking me if he was in the middle of my back. I was like WAIT A MINUTE! You don't know where you are poking me??? I was so nervous and COLD!!! My teeth were chattering. Then they lay me back and numb I went.

The next thing I remember the doctor said, "Daddy you want to stand up and take a look?" Brooke stood up and his eyes were soooo BIG! He said "OHHH WOW!! I was like WHAT, WHAT!!

Mommy and her girlsAt 12:39 pm, Claire Brooke entered this world. They held her up in front me and she was beautiful. I was so amazed at how relaxed and pain free I was. I was able to enjoy that moment for few seconds; she was in front of me. Then I heard them say "7 lbs 12 oz"! I was shocked!! Before they had delivered everybody even doctor was guessing about 7 lb 4 oz, so it was a bit of a surprise she weighed in at that. Claire was exactly a pound bigger and inch shorter than Allie.

They wheeled me into recovery and I stayed about an hour and half. Brooke came in to see me and said the reason he reacted the way he did when Claire was born was he was expecting for them to be holding her. Instead, the only thing he could see was Claire's head. Her body was still inside me. He said he didn't see anything else, but he was in so shocked!! I told him that he got to witness her first breath. That was a special moment.

Everything about this has been special. I had an amazing nine months of pregnancy, even with the complaints, but all pregnancies come with that. I had a wonderful delivery and now I have two wonderful precious little girls!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Claire has been home almost two weeks now, and she is so good. She does the usual that babies do: eat, poop and sleep. She is starting to leave her eyes open a little more. Allie loves her little sister. She always wants to hold her and cannot stand for her to cry. It is the best feeling to watch how Allie looks at her!! I am just trying to sit back and soak up and enjoy every minute of this before it passes me by.

I have enjoyed sharing my pregnancy and birth story with you, I hope you have enjoyed it was well. I have attached some pictures. Enjoy.


Week 38
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