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FamilyMy name is LeAnn, and I am 28 years old. I am a social worker that works in the medical field. I am married to my wonderful husband, Brooke, who is 33 years old. Brooke is an appraiser for a body shop. This November will be our five year anniversary. We had our first child, Allie Grace, in June of 07. She turned 3 last week but tells everybody that she is four. We are both very close to our families, and they help out a lot. We enjoy being with our friends and their families since we all have kids around the same age.

We are so excited to be pregnant again. Both Brooke and I definitely had baby fever. Allie Grace was a planned pregnancy, and Baby #2 was also planned. I am a very organized and planning person, if you can't already tell. My friends tease me because I have everything mapped out, and wit h God's grace everything is going as planned.

Baby #2 is due in February. I found out I was pregnant very early, so this is going to be a long 9 months, but I am looking forward to it. I enjoyed being pregnant with Allie, but I do recognize that every pregnancy is different. I can already tell with this one. I do not recall my breasts hurting so darn bad with Allie. I can barely touch them or even lay on my stomach. I have been nauseated throughout the days. I am not a breakfast person, so I have to make myself eat in the mornings so my stomach will not feel so queasy. With Allie I never got sick, I just gagged a lot. So I am hoping it will be the same this go around. If I remember correctly about 8 weeks is when the gagging started. So here in the next week or so we will see what happens.

Although my pregnancy was great with Allie, the delivery was not so good. They tell you in your pregnancy classes don't get upset if things do not go your way. You may have to have a c-section and if you do that is okay. Well, I wanted to have a vaginal birth. I wanted that experience. I guess you could say I was a little close minded, and I definitely think I have childbearing hips. Well, things did not go smoothly for me and Allie. I was induced two days before my due date on June 6, which I feel was a problem. Everything I was nervous about went fine, the enema, the breaking of the water, the epidural, and the contractions. I was dilating, but not like the nurses wanted me to. After about seven hours of labor and still no Allie, it was starting to get rough. Then around 4:30 my doctor came in and said. "I am going to watch her heart rate for a minute and see what is going on.. She then said, "LeAnn we have to do a c-section; Allie's heart rate is dropping and you have quit dilating." (I was at a 6 for about 2 hours). Needless to say I was extremely upset.

They prepped me for a c-section and took me into delivery within a few minutes. I had received my epidural around 12 o'clock that afternoon, so by 5 o'clock it was wearing off; they did pump some more epidural while I was going into surgery but I will just say the c-section was horrible. I was in so much pain, indescribable pain. I bit a hole in my tongue, yes a hole, but I did not know it until later. I was yelling at the doctors to hurry up. I begged for pain medicine in recovery and they told me that I had the maximum dose of pain meds. I begged with the nurse, finally they gave me a shot and it calmed me down. I remember being in recovery and listening to everybody laughing and enjoying their babies and I was crying and hurting!!! I was extremely disappointed. Finally at 10pm I was able to go to my room.

The next day when my doctor came by to check on me, we talked about it a little, and there was really no explanation. Also my incision looked larger than I thought it was going to be. My doctor told me that Allie was in the birth canal and her head was turned sideways. When they pulled her out, her head had ripped me on one side. So my doctor decided to make the incision even instead of lopsided. You can barely even see it now.

So can you see why I am anxious about having another c-section??!! With all that said, I have a positive outlook on this pregnancy and delivery. Can't wait to meet baby #2!!


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