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Week 10
~ Some Relief

I am proud to say that I have actually felt a little better this week. The nausea has stayed at a minimum. Although, one day I did feel like I was going to have to pull the car over and get sick. I tell you, this heat is what is making my nausea so bad. I have started going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, which gets old pretty fast. Last night I went to the bathroom before I got in the bed and within 10 minutes I had to go again. Seriously? I have nothing else to get out, but amazingly I do!

This past weekend Allie woke up and asked me if she could give the baby a hug and a kiss. I thought that was the sweetest thing! She is slowly processing the concept of mommy having a baby in her belly. She has been saying she wants a baby sister and she wants to name her Kitty. Not too sure where that came from.

The weekend was great. We had a blast at deer camp. We got to ride four wheelers, fish and relax with the family. Allie has been saying all week that she wants to go back to deer camp. She is definitely a "daddy's girl."

I have my second doctor visit on Monday the 19th. I am pretty excited! I did not get to hear the baby's heartbeat at the last visit because the ultrasound machine was not working correctly. So next week I will be able to hear the heartbeat! I will also be seeing my new doctor, and I'm a little anxious about that but sure it will be fine. Will keep you posted!
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