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Week 13
~ Taking Care of Myself

Well . . . This week has been a little rough. We have had breaking records of 105+ degree weather. Mixed in with the humidity we have, it is horrific. Every time I step outside it makes me nauseated. I don't know what I would do if I was 8 or 9 months pregnant dealing with this weather. On top of it being hot, I am also not eating like I should. It is so hard for me to eat in the mornings; it makes my stomach upset. So I have tried a few fruit smoothies and they are okay. I have also tried the chocolate Special K Protein shake. I think I can handle that. Last Sunday it was about 12:45 before I ate. My family and I were in line to eat and all of a sudden I became very weak and then I blacked out for a quick second. I sat down and ate some crackers and soon came to. So now I carry some peanuts and other snacks in my purse so that will not happen again. Although eating has been tough I have loved some pineapples! I have been eating pineapples like they are going out of style. Eating some as I am writing this.

So if you read my journal last week you know about my rash I have. Still do not know what it is called, but it is definitely not cirrhosis. Ha-ha, guess my proofreading did not catch that. I think I just typed it as it sounded. That would be Psoriasis. But still I had no idea how to spell that anyway. So just to let you know I am not dying of a liver disease.

After reading all of this it just sounds like I am so miserable. It's really not that bad, I guess you just do and go through anything for your children.

Till next week,


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