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Week 15
~ Counting the Days

Counting down the days till Monday! I think I am more excited this go around finding out what the sex of the baby is than with Allie. Don't get me wrong I was super excited with Allie as well, but this time it just seems to be different. I wonder will I have two girls or will I have a boy that I know nothing about?! I am also excited to see how Allie is going to react. We have told her that she can go with us to the doctor's appointment to see the baby. I am going to tell the sonographer to whisper either brother or sister to Allie and let Allie be the one to tell us. I am trying to keep her involved as much as possible.

I had a trial run with having another baby this weekend; her name is Kate. One of my friends needed a babysitter, but it was only for a few hours. Ha-ha so it was basically nothing. But we did manage to go the mall in the POURING down rain. After that I tackled Wal-Mart. I will admit I had my mother with me, so it was not at all bad. Kate is a little over a year and she is a doll. So I was kind of spoiled babysitting such a good baby. Allie was so sweet to her. They talked to each other and Allie let her play with her hair. I was very excited how Allie reacted to Kate. I even caught Allie giving her a kiss.

I am still not showing. I have a little bump but only I can tell. It just feels like I have eaten a huge meal. I have been having some pressure on the right side of my stomach. It's like I can feel my stomach stretching. I guess it's about that time to go get the no stretch marks cream. I used that stuff religiously with Allie and did not get the first stretch mark on my stomach. Knock on wood!!!

I would also like to add, I have been very THIRSTY this week. Is that a pregnancy symptom?

Can't wait to write next time,
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