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Week 17
~ Flutters in my Tummy!!!

Baby girl has been moving around in my tummy! I love the feeling of the little flutters. Sometimes I catch myself jumping a little because I am not expecting it. I try to image a little baby the size of a turnip turning flips and stuff in my belly. This week has been very exciting. Brooke and I have enjoyed sharing the news that we are expecting another little girl to our friends and family. Everybody's reaction has been "How is Brooke?" Brooke is just fine. He loves his little Allie Bug and he will love this one too. I'm sure it is probably every man's dream to have a son and if it is God's will then we might have that chance again. But Brooke is just as happy as I am about our little girl. And we all know that Allie is happy. I bought Allie an outfit to wear to the hospital the day the baby is born. It's a pink shirt that says "I'm the big sister" with a pink tutu!! She is going to love it and feel so special.

The hot, humid weather is starting to ease up a little, which is wonderful! It is somewhat enjoyable to hang out outside for a little bit without becoming nauseated. I love the fall weather. The leaves are changing, the cool outside temperature and fair food. Wow, fair food. I have a great excuse this year to over eat at the fair.

I have had a couple of painful headaches this week. Not sure if it is pregnancy related or if it is a sinus headache. I have had a cold this week so I guess it could be from that. I remember having Midrin prescribed to me with Allie because my headaches became so painful. The heartburn has begun. I went through seven bottles of Maalox during the last 3 or 4 months with Allie. I had heartburn so bad, it was unbearable. I was convinced that my child would have a head full of hair. And sure enough Allie was born with a head full of dark hair. So the myth was true for me. So far it has been a mild case of the indigestion. I can feel it for a second and then it goes away. I have not had to take anything for it yet.

We are having a family portrait made this week. Our last family picture of the three of us. Allie will also have some individual pictures made. She loves the camera. I will try to post some new pictures soon. We are going to deer camp this weekend for the opening weekend of dove season. Brooke is an avid hunter. Many of my future posts will be talking about hunting and deer camp! My husband is usually MIA this time of year. I do not hunt. I do not have the patience to sit and wait for a deer to come by. I will go to deer camp and hang out but that is about it. Brooke has yet to understand that this baby is coming during the last week of hunting season!

Have a fun and safe Labor Day!
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