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Week 18
~ Jump Around

This has been a very busy week. Since Monday was a holiday, the work week has been extremely short. Our pictures last week went very good. I just got through looking at the proofs online. It is going to be so hard to make a decision, just like always. Allie takes really good pictures and her little attitude shows right through all of them.

We also went to deer camp this weekend with Brooke. Allie had a blast. She rode her 4-wheeler around like she owned the place. She played in the dirt and made "dirt" castles. It took her a minute to see if she wanted to sit down in the dirt or not. I convinced her that it was okay to get dirty when you are at deer camp. So she took advantage of that and when I took her home, she smelled just like a little boy!!!

Baby has been moving around a lot!! It is such an exciting feeling. If you watch my stomach closely you can see her move. Allie was able to feel her jump; she just looked up at me and grinned. Sometimes I wonder what is actually going through a three year olds' mind when things like that happen. I have been telling Allie to talk to the baby since her hearing is developing now. I think that she thinks it's a little weird to talk to my belly.

Allie jumped up in the bed last night with the baby name and book and said, "Okay daddy, what are we going to name my baby sister?" Brooke responded, "What do you want to name her? Allie then said "Allie Grace Henderson" Brooke and I laughed and said "that's your name silly, we can't name her that." Allie then said okay how about Claire Henderson. Claire is the name that I like. I am just trying to find a middle name that goes with Claire; it has been a little difficult. So it looks like baby's name is Claire.

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