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Week 25
~ Where Do Babies Come From???

Is it too early to start counting down the weeks? Ha-ha. Well it is like 14 weeks. When you hear it in weeks it sounds so close. This week I have had a major pain in my right side. Some seem to think it is ligament pains. I am thinking it might be gas pains. I have heard that gas pains can be horrendous. I never had them with Allie that I can remember so this is a new pregnancy symptom. I have been in pain for about a day and half. I have taken the milk of mag and I am hoping that might give me some relief. All I know is that it is painful!!!! I also bought my second bottle of Tums. I am still impressed that I have not needed anything stronger.

So I am assuming that you read my topic for this week. Well, Allie asked the question last night. Three years old? Seriously? Let me describe the setting for you. She is making me sit in the middle of the kitchen floor playing "haircut". I am in tremendous pain from whatever is going on. She is hyper as can be and running around me. My eyes begin to well up. I am just pushing through. Because that's what moms do for our children. And then . . .

Allie: where do babies come from?
Me: What?
Allie: Where do babies come from? The baby in your belly, where does it come from?
Me: (long pause, very caught off guard) I replied "Jesus."
Allie: okay (continues to pretend cut my hair)

I was very glad she left it at that. I was so taken back I forgot how much pain I was in sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. So I guess now the question is "how does the baby come out?"


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