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Weeks 27 & 28
~ Third Trimester!!!

Since I feel that I am so behind on my journaling, thought I would put both entries in for this week. I went to the doctor last week and my placenta is still low. It is half covering the cervix. Doc said that since it is halfway covering the cervix, chances are that it will not move up. Good thing is I have not bled any! So as long as there is no bleeding, there is no problem. Usually the low lying placenta means that a section will have to take place. Since I am already having a repeat section there is no concern. I wouldn't be able to have her vaginally if I wanted to. I am still watching for bleeding. He said that it could happen and then I might not. I sure hope not because this time of the year is way too busy to be put on bed rest. They also tested my iron and it was low. He said that I should take some over the counter iron pills. Seriously? Iron? I am already stopped up enough; I don't need any help from some iron pills. He said I was borderline anemic. I also took the Glucose test and passed with flying colors. I forgot how much of the drink the doc told me to drink so I ended up drinking the whole thing! Wow, what was I thinking? It was not that bad though.

ultrasoundI am definitely starting to get uncomfortable, even though my belly is not that big. It still can get in the way. I am a stomach sleeper and it is starting to get a little uncomfortable. I try to stay on my left side, but it is so hard.

Brooke and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary on Friday!!! Well we actually celebrated it last week. He took me out to a nice dinner. This weekend one of my girlfriends is getting married. So the weekend is booked for her. What a busy weekend it will be. But I am super excited for her. I have posted the latest sonogram picture of Claire and a picture of me at 28 weeks. It's not that great but you can get an idea of what the belly looks like.


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