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Week 29
~ Happy Turkey Day!!!

Thanksgiving is this week and I am so excited about all the food. I have already had two Thanksgiving dinners. My favorite part was the dessert, a pumpkin cheesecake pie! It's amazing! This year I was able to eat two pieces without feeling guilty.

We will be going to deer camp for Thanksgiving. We started that tradition last year. Brooke hunts in Arkansas on the Mississippi River. He has an uncle that lives up there, so we will be with some of his family. Brooke always had Thanksgiving at deer camp until he met me. Ha-ha. So needless to say, Brooke was very happy we decided to start that tradition. Allie is super excited about going to deer camp. She has her camouflage, which she calls her deer camp shirt on. Claire also has a pink onesie with a little deer on it, ready for when she arrives.

Claire's bedding for her nursery arrived yesterday. Yay! I am ready to get her room decorated. I have so many cute ideas. I also have to go through Allie's clothes and pull out what I will be using for Claire. That is going to be a job. With doing all this I still have to fit in Christmas shopping. I have Allie's Santa list made out and ready to hit Toys R Us. Then I will worry about family shopping. It's about that time to start counting down. Two months. Wow. Where has the time gone? It will be here before I know it!!!

Keeping praying for my sister Markley, she had her second round of Chemo this week. Two down, two to go!!


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