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Week 30
~ How are you feeling??

Back pain, heartburn, indigestion, preggo brain, stretching pain, restlessness. Need I go on? This is what I would like to say to everyone that has asked me this question over the past 30 weeks. Do you really want to hear that? I don't think so, so I just smile and say "feeling pretty good."

The wonderful feelings of pregnancies are starting to arrive. My back has really been hurting lately. I guess I need to stand and walk around more often. It is like I can almost feel my belly stretching, the sides of my stomach are so sore. I am beginning to get uncomfortable in the bed. The problem is getting situated. Once I fall asleep I am fine. I have also developed what one of my friends calls "Preggo Brain," a good excuse when I mess something up at work or forget to do something.

On a brighter side, I am getting super excited about meeting Claire Brooke. So is Allie Grace. The room is painted and I am waiting to get the carpet cleaned so I can move everything into the room. (hint, hint mom)

We had a good Thanksgiving at deer camp. Allie was able to see a lot of deer. She even sat in a deer stand for the first time. That lasted about five minutes. She also rode some horses and even rode one by herself; she felt so big.

I am headed out this weekend to do my Christmas shopping. I only have one weekend to get it all done; I hope it is manageable. But I have a list of where I need to go and what I need to get.

I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!! We love you!!

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