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Week 31
~ The Countdown Has Begun

Exciting news this week! I have started going to the doctor every two weeks. When I went this week we scheduled the delivery date. On January 27, 2011, Claire Brooke will make her debut. That is in seven weeks. When I was in the room waiting on the doctor to come in, I had a wave of anxiety run through my body. I think it is beginning to really hit me that she will be here soon.

I did all of my Christmas shopping last weekend. I pretty much shopped till I dropped. My legs and feet were so sore the next day. Actually they are still sore. I definitely have cankles. I can tell that the fluid is starting to build up in my legs. I have gained 28 lbs; I wonder how much of that is fluid? I am feeling pretty good about that. I am sure I will hit the 40 lb mark like I did with Allie. While I am still talking about my legs, I have been having horrific leg cramps. They start at my ankle and move up to my calves. It is excruciating pain, especially while I am asleep.

The Christmas parties have begun. I have had three this week. The Christmas tree and decorations are up!! I also got Allie the Elf on the Shelf. WOW! That is a wonderful invention. I recommend everyone with a toddler getting one. Allie named hers Jack. Whenever she is misbehaving I just call on Jack and her attitude changes instantly. It is great. What should we do after Christmas?? Lol

This weekend I will be setting up the nursery!! YAY!

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