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Week 34
~ So Blessed

ChristmasWhat a busy week! Sad to see Christmas go, but glad that the New Year is coming soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We had a great one. Sometimes you just have to stop and thank Jesus for all the blessings that you have. My sister is cancer free, I am having a baby, we are all healthy and we could possibly be selling our house. Even though it is such bad timing, it has to be a blessing in disguise. Now that is "POSSIBLY". We had a couple come at the beginning of the week and they liked it; it is just whether they can get approved. So we could be having a baby and moving all at the same time!! Just when I got Claire's room almost completed. That's the way it goes.

FamilyAllie was super excited about Santa coming. She got a princess bike and a Leapster. My sister got her the Rapunzel Barbie doll that she absolutely loved. Santa got me some cowboy boots and a charm for my Pandora bracelet.

On to the pregnancy… Well things are going pretty well. My stomach is steadily getting larger. The heartburn has picked up a little. I have resorted to taking the Pepcid and it seems to work better than the Mylanta. I have started leaking a little. I look down and oops there is a wet circle on my shirt. Hope it just doesn't happen while I am at work or out somewhere.

There is nothing else really going on. Just counting down the weeks and getting prepared. Three weeks of work to go and four weeks until Claire is here.

I have attached some Christmas pictures; there is one with my sister!! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!

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