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Week 36
~ And the Winner Is . . . Prilosec

LeAnn and allieTwo weeks and counting! I will tell you it is a great feeling to know exactly when I will be having a baby. The waiting game can be fun too but I have to say I like this feeling a little better.

Week 36 has been a rough one. I have had incredible heartburn/indigestion. It has literally made me sick. I woke up nauseated twice this week and vomited from the pain. I have been taking Pepcid, Maalox and Tums. When I went for my weekly checkup, the doctor said I could try Prilosec. Well, when I read the label it said my take 1-4 days for relief. HELLO!! I need relief right now! So I went ahead and purchased it and the results were wonderful. I slept so well. No heartburn; I did not even wake up to go to the bathroom. Now that is serious, seeing how I am usually up every hour on the hour.

Diaper BagI have still had some back pain. I just try to relax and lay on the heating pad for a little while. I feel like I have a waddle in my walk, people say I don't, but I swear it feels like it takes me an hour to walk somewhere.

I have had three wonderful showers this week. Claire has gotten a great deal of diapers and some cute outfits. Her diaper bag is super cute. Life is beginning to get more surreal with opening the presents and then putting them up in her room. It just takes me back a minute to say, "Wow this is really about to happen."

Allie and I are going to a sibling class this weekend. It will be interesting to see her reaction. I am also going to do a little shopping and stock up on some more diapers and formula. I do plan to breastfeed, but only for about 4-6 weeks. We have another exciting weekend ahead.

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