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Week 8
~ Very Nauseated and ATTITUDE! (What a combination)

I have been very nauseated this week. I do not have an appetite. Nothing sounds good at all to eat. My nausea is usually all day and a little worse at night time. I have been trying to snack and I am drinking Sprite. Nothing seems to be working. The heat outside is also not helping. I can barely even walk outside in this 100 degree weather, without feeling faint. Oh Oh Oh and the hormones. They are going a little crazy!!! My attitude, WOW, I say something and as soon as it comes out of my mouth I am shocked that I just said that. God bless my husband and my mother for putting up with me.

I went to my first doctor's appointment this week. They did a sonogram. We got to see the baby's heart beating. It was magical, even the second time around. It made it very real to me that we were having another baby. Heartbeat and everything was great. I was right on target with the due date February 4, 2011. I will be seeing a new doctor next month. He is a male. My female doctor is no longer delivering babies. I was a little skeptical about seeing a male, but I did see him twice when I was pregnant with Allie and from what I remember I really liked him. My doctor will be able to keep up with me throughout the pregnancy so that is a good thing.

We are trying to sell our house, but it's not going very well. It has been on the market since February. We really have not even had anybody come check it out and watching the news just depresses me even more about it. This is becoming a very big stressor for me. We do not have room to put anything else. I have decided to go through all of Allie's toys and give them to charity. The toy room/Brooke's room will have to be turned into the nursery. We had a couple come look at the house this week and I worked my butt off to get that house clean. Of course they did not want to make an offer. I know patience and prayer. The time will come when it is right.

Have a great week,


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