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familyHi! My name is Linsay and let me start this by saying thank you... to you, the reader, for taking the time to read what I have to say, and to StorkNet for the opportunity to share our story and for giving me a source of motivation to write down my thoughts, feelings and experiences down so that I will always remember what this amazing time was like for me!

A little bit about me… I am 32 years old and expecting my first child. I am an officer in the United States Air Force. My husband (who is also an officer in the USAF) and I have been married for a year and a half. I guess we have what most people would consider to be a pretty exciting life. We are both pilots and have been to all corners of the globe. We have a German Shepherd puppy (just over a year old) that my husband is busy training for search and rescue. We are currently stationed in Kansas, but facing a move to a very small, rural, town in Oklahoma, so things will be changing for us drastically! Our situation is a bit different than most, so I hope that our story will be something that will interest people and keep them coming back for updates!

Physically, the first half of my pregnancy has been uneventful, but our lives and the experience up until now have been anything but! Rewind to about four months ago. As I mentioned, my husband and I are both officers in the United States Air Force. We have both deployed to the Middle East multiple times, and the evening that we found out that we were expecting was no different. We were both deployed to the Middle East and I was about to leave on a mission. We had joked around about the possibility that we might be pregnant for a couple of days, and when my mission was delayed, I took the opportunity to take a test... which immediately came back positive!

I made a call to my husband who was on the complete opposite side of the base from where I was, and asked him if he would want to come to where I was and spend a couple of hours together until it was time for me to go again. He said he'd get there as quickly as he could. When he got there, we went into one of our "community rooms" that was equipped with a computer and a phone for troops to use to keep in touch with loved ones back at home. It wasn't ideal, but at least it offered us a little bit of privacy! I pulled the positive test out of my pocket and showed it to him... and we both started laughing and crying... tears of joy, of course! It's been no looking back ever since!


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