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Week 24
~ Jumping Rope

Welcome and thanks for taking a few minutes to read my journal this week!

I read in one of the million-and-one different pregnancy e-mails that I get automatically delivered to my inbox each day, that my daughter's favorite (and really only, for the moment) toy is her umbilical cord. I thought this was pretty funny and seemed to answer a lot of questions as to what she's really doing in there! I have been involved in gymnastics in one way or another for my entire life... back to when I was three years old! I joked that she was following in my footsteps and practicing gymnastics in my belly with all of that room that she has while she's not all wrapped up like a pretzel. So, now, I believe that she's playing jump rope with her umbilical cord. The sharp urges when I feel like I have to use that bathroom and I have to use it NOW... that's just her jumping rope - playing and having a ball with her "favorite toy". All of those unexplainable twitches, pains, cramps... probably just her swinging that jump rope a bit too wildly!

The tech told us at our first ultrasound (at week 18) that she had noticed some cysts on our daughter's brain, but not to let them worry us too much because 99% of the time, they were benign, would disappear on their own, and were completely "normal". She also told us that for peace of mind that we could request to schedule a follow-up ultrasound about six weeks later, which we did. Of course, I was still a bit concerned, as any first-time-mom-to-be would be, but I refused to let it stress me out. So, we had our follow-up ultrasound yesterday. Thank God, the cysts had all disappeared just as the tech predicted they would! A couple of unexpected bonuses that came out of this second ultrasound... the tech confirmed that our daughter is indeed still going to be a girl... good news since we won't have to start exchanging all of our "girl stuff" for "boy stuff"! The tech was also able to take some good measurements and let us know that our daughter is 1lb 14oz, and right on target for her predicted due date of December 30th. We even got to see our daughter in 3-D, which was completely unexpected and much appreciated even though she didn't want to cooperate and didn't give us the best photos. Apparently she is a bit camera shy and was covering her face with a hand and arm, and burying her face in the placenta. What a neat experience just the same though!

As for everything else that is changing in our lives... our moving date is quickly approaching! We will be leaving Wichita, Kansas, my home for the past five years and my husband's home for the past four, at the end of September, for Altus, Oklahoma. The houses (yes, we each owned our own before we got married) have been on the market for two weeks now. We've had about half-a-dozen showings, a dual open house, and nothing but good feedback, but still no offers. We did finally finish the new deck that we added onto the back of my house on the morning of the open house, so that was a big weight off of our shoulders! Just a couple of finishing touches that need to be completed on it, the final inspection, and it should be good to go. My realtor even told me that if the pilot thing doesn't work out that I should think about building decks for a living!

Speaking of "the pilot thing", I'm enjoying what will be the last two weeks of my flying the KC-135 for a while, since I won't be allowed to fly during my third trimester and will be taking about eight weeks of vacation after our little one is born. Not sure that I'd be enjoying it as much if my energy level had stayed where it was earlier on in my pregnancy. For the longest time, I felt as if the only schedule I could manage was eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work, eat dinner, sleep, repeat. I do still have my good energy days and days when I feel like I just really need to take a nap... they must be the days when she's in there wearing me out by jumping rope!

Until next week...


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