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Week 25
~ Stress?!

As much as I love my job (I wouldn't give it up for any other!), recently, as I look down at my belly that seems to be expanding by the day, I've been finding myself thinking more and more about how nice it would be to have a "normal" job... or even no job at all!! I know that it isn't good to be stressed during pregnancy, but the military lifestyle seems to bring on more stress than what I would think would be desirable. Between the long days, endless deadlines, business trips, constant training, flying, deployments, multiple job titles, flight evaluations, and being told every three to four years that you have to pick up and move... I often wonder why anyone would WANT to do this job!!

Luckily for most, these things don't all happen at once, and the small amount of stress that each of these things cause on their own is easily manageable. Unfortunately, it seems like my luck never puts me in the "most" category. So, here I am, nearly six months pregnant, getting ready to move to a new base in two weeks, trying to sell two houses, not having a "next house" to move in to, only having ten days to find one once we get there, having to work an office job and a flying job, facing a flight evaluation next week, and struggling to balance all of that with a personal life that consists of trying to find an hour or two in the day for myself, my husband and my family... there's probably more, but that's all my "baby brain" affected mind can remember at the moment. It's a lot for this pregnant lady to take on!

One of the many things that the military has taught me, is that no matter what I have to go through, in work, in my personal life, in schooling, in trials and good times, is that time goes on all the same. I can stress out like crazy over something I have coming up tomorrow - a project, a test, a trip, a presentation, a flight, what-have-you - but in a day, no matter what the outcome might be, good or bad - whatever I was worrying about will be over. I'm the type of person who likes to be as prepared as I can be for everything that I have on my schedule, but I've also found that you can never get too much sleep the night before a big event! So, what does all of this have to do with my pregnancy? Well, I guess it's my way of dealing with all of the stressors in my life... and believe me, there are quite a few of them right now!! I know that it's important for me, and my daughter-to-be, to limit my stress and get plenty of rest. I keep reminding myself that no matter what I have coming up tomorrow, it will all be over in 24 hours, and that fact helps me keep everything in perspective. Maybe I'll be able to use that in about three months when I'm facing labor and bringing our daughter into this world... when things start getting tough, it will all be over in 24 hours... and SO worth it!!

Until next week...


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