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Week 26
~ Busy, Busy!!

One big stressor down, four to go. I finished my flight evaluation this past week - passed!! Now we just have to worry about packing, moving, finding a new house, and selling two houses. Gee . . . is that it??

As much stress as I tend to impose on myself whenever I'm being evaluated (I AM my own worst enemy!), I really have enjoyed the times that I've been able to fly since we are allowed to fly during my second trimester. Not very many women get the opportunity to experience the things that I have, so I definitely consider myself lucky!! It's funny to think that our daughter has already racked up more flight time in utero than the majority of the US population . . . not to mention 22 combat sorties (over both Iraq and Afghanistan), the Air Medal that she was "along for the ride" for, and the three countries that she's already "visited" (England, Qatar, and of course, the US). What a well-traveled little girl!!

I am amazed at how smoothly things have been going so far with my pregnancy. I know that is probably not what a lot of moms-to-be want to hear, but it's the truth. I have my good days and my bad days when it comes to my energy levels, but that's probably just because I tend to go all out when I do find myself having a high-energy day. I have been having a tough time sleeping on occasion, but that may be tied into all of the moving parts in our lives right now . . . wondering how long all of these parts will keep working together smoothly, or when one will break down and ruin the whole works!! I've also been realizing more and more as of late that I am not able to eat the same way that I used to. My stomach is definitely being crowded out and there's a fine line between eating enough and eating too much and causing me to suffer through heartburn and acid reflux for the next six hours or so. I think that is probably the hardest thing for me so far because I've always enjoyed eating good food!! I have to train myself to really limit the amount of food that I eat in these last few months . . . and I have a feeling that's only going to get worse before it gets better.

We're looking at a few BIG changes coming up next week, including a move from Kansas to Oklahoma. Stay tuned!!

Until next week . . .


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