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Week 27
~ The Big Move

It's been a busy, busy week for our growing family! We packed up the essentials and everything the movers wouldn't take, moved from the house and city that I have called my home for the past five years, and temporarily moved into a room at the Holiday Inn in the town that we will now be calling home for the next few years.

Being in the Air Force, transferring to a new base, a new job, and a new town is a bit different than what most people experience. Everything is on the military's timeline. We checked in to our new base and our new squadron where we will be working first thing the morning after we arrived in town and started the process of transferring all of our records and information over to the new base.

The following day, we began the search for a new house. Since the military will only pay for our hotel for a week and a half, we were under a pretty short timeline . . . not to mention my desire to find a place and get settled in plenty of time before our daughter arrives! We looked at about ten houses and by the end of the day had it narrowed down to our two top choices. After a brief discussion over the pros and cons of each house, we came to a decision that evening and put an offer in the following morning which was accepted that day. So, it appeared that things were moving right along . . . we were even told that we had the option of taking early possession of the house so that we could move out of our cramped hotel room. Leave it to the military to bring that to a screeching halt. It turned out that our household goods couldn't be delivered for at least another week. Just another case of the standard military "hurry up and wait".

We continued taking care of the things that we could with the house. The day we toured the house, it still needed some finishing touches taken care of since it is a new build. The builder had all of the details taken care of, we signed all of the paperwork, did a walk-though, set up all of the utilities, fence installation, cable installation and everything else that we could take care of ahead of time. We've started unpacking the things that we brought with us when we moved, hanging up blinds, and figuring out where things will go when they do arrive. It's actually been nice to have a bit of time to plan things out before they're delivered.

I had a very surreal moment standing in our empty house the other day. I was standing in the living room and looking around when I realized that this is where our family begins. This is the house that we will bring our brand new daughter home to in a few months. This is where she will celebrate her first Christmas, her first birthday, say her first words and take her first steps. This is the first home that our little girl will remember . . . and I want it to be perfect before she arrives, so I guess I'd better stop writing for now and get to work!

Until next week . . .

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