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Week 29
~ So Busy!

This entry is going to be a bit on the short side . . . not because I don't have much to say, we've been sooooo busy this past week, but BECAUSE we're so busy!! There's just never enough hours in the day, are there? So, here's my "week 29" in a nutshell . . .

NurseryWe have both of our old houses under contract. I know that nothing is certain until we close, but it is a good feeling! We're still working on getting settled into our new house and while there are fewer boxes now than there were, there are still quite a few boxes left to go through. On the bright side, I did get our daughter's room painted, so at least that part is finished! I think it turned out pretty well and I've gotten a LOT of compliments on it already, so that definitely makes me feel good about my hard work!

After some vacation time to get all of that unpacking and settling in accomplished, I worked my first full week at my new job this last week. Sure feel like I got thrown right into the fire, but it's forcing me to learn a lot and learn it fast!

I had my first appointment with one of the doctors in our new little town. I guess they just rotate the schedule here so that you get to see each doctor (there are four in all) at least once prior to going into labor. Then you get whichever doctor happens to be on duty the day you go into labor. Nothing like rolling the dice on that one! I can't believe that I'm already far enough along where my appointments are scheduled every two weeks . . . crazy! Everything has been proceeding normally with our little one. She's still very active and loves to poke at me! I still think that feeling her hiccups is one of the funniest things I've ever experienced, and it makes me laugh every time. Berry flavored TUMS have become my best friend and they work wonders for me whenever those bad-tasting burps start up again. I've started waking up more and more often every night . . . sometimes as often as four times! It definitely makes getting a full-night's rest a difficult task. It's becoming more and more apparent that, while not every aspect of pregnancy is a walk in the park, it will all be more than worth it in the end . . . and I only have a little over two months to go!

Last, but not least, I registered for my next Master's class which started this week. As if I didn't have enough other stuff to worry about right now, but I figured that there's no better time than before our daughter arrives to knock out one more class. It's only going to get more difficult after she arrives! On that note, I still have homework that I need to finish!

Until next week . . .

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