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Week 30
~ More On-line Shopping

It's been a month since we moved to our new little town and we're still working on settling in to our new place. We're still living amongst boxes, although there aren't near as many as there once were! We're still putting clothes away. We're still learning our new jobs. I guess that's just the way it goes when you are in the military and have to relocate every few years. Just when you're really starting to enjoy where you're at, starting to feel at home, starting to get comfortable, that's when you have to pick up and move and start the whole process all over again.

Believe it or not, I am going somewhere with all of this… sort of! So, in getting settled here, I've started seeing a new doctor (doctors, really) at a new clinic and I started looking into what sort of resources they have available to new moms. The base that we moved from had a breast pump rental program. It was first-come-first-served, but was free of charge to new moms. I guess I kind of assumed that, with all of the pregnancies that this new base is known for, they would have something similar, even though the base is much smaller. Turns out, the base just recently lost their funding for the breast pump program, so that left me with no option except to buy one of my own.

Once again, I turned to the internet. I'm pretty sure that I did more research and read more reviews on breast pumps than I have on anything before! I also contacted a few people who I would consider "experts" by phone to ask them for their professional opinions. Everything I learned pointed to a Medela. It's an unexpected expense… and not a small one! So after some deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a Pump-in-Style. Knowing that I will have to go back to work after only about two months, I figured that was my best option. Besides, nothing is too good for our daughter (and any future children . . . God willing!) and her well being!

So, now I'm just looking forward to getting it in the mail . . . along with a bunch of other things that we're still waiting for from our last on-line shopping spree! Although I already made the purchase, I'd love to hear from any of you who have any advice or recommendations. It's always possible to make a return… I just hope it doesn't let me, or our little girl, down!!

Until next week . . .

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