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Weeks 31 & 32
~ Soapbox!

I have to start off by apologizing for not writing last week. I got so busy with work, parenting class, my Master's class and doing stuff around the house that I simply ran out of time! Where DOES the time go some weeks, anyway??

Now, I'm going to get on my little soapbox for a bit . . .

As part of getting acquainted with our new hospital, I decided, after stumbling across the information, that it might not be a terrible idea to attend another parenting class here. I figured that a lot of the information would be the same, but it would at least afford us the opportunity to learn a bit about the new hospital, its regulations, and its procedures.

My husband and I walk in to the class the first day and realize that we are probably the oldest couple in the class by at least 5 years . . . and the most mature by at least 15!! The two girls seated behind us (one, who was MAYBE 20 years old and had already gone through the experience of having a baby, was there in support of the other) were chatting the entire time the nurse was trying to teach. There was a couple seated a few rows in front of us who were constantly bickering and smacking each other . . . I even heard the mom-to-be yell profanities at her unborn child telling it to stop kicking her!! So, I'm sitting in this class, unable to really concentrate on anything the nurse is trying to teach us, wondering what kind of an alternate universe I've moved into. The majority of these parents-to-be are just kids themselves . . . and they have SO much growing up to do!

I guess that really is a draw-back of living and growing up in this small town . . . apparently, the kids seem to think that there is nothing else for them to do. I have noticed these same types of things whenever I go to the women's clinic for my check-ups. Half of the girls in the waiting room are there with their moms either because they're not old enough to drive themselves or their baby-daddy is too immature to take any responsibility. It's really kind of sad.

I always knew that I wanted to have kids, but I wanted to be certain that I was able to support and take care of myself before I did. That meant finishing college so I could get a stable job and support myself financially and not HAVE to rely on my husband or, God forbid, my parents; they had that job for long enough!! I wanted to know that I could give my kids whatever they needed and not have to worry about whether or not I was still going to be able to pay the electricity bill! I guess I can't understand why some others don't think about that sort of stuff beforehand.

Ok . . . I'm getting off of my soapbox now!!

Until next time . . .

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