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Weeks 33 & 34
~ The Week of "Lasts"

LinsayThese last couple of weeks have really flown by, and I can't believe that we're down to only about a month until we meet our little girl! It seems as if the time that we have left as "just a couple" is quickly coming to a close and very soon we will be a true "family". My husband and I had what may end up being our last "date night" since things tend to get so busy with the holidays approaching and all. That night is actually a pretty funny story in and of itself . . .

Our plan was to go to dinner and a movie. We were eating at a little local restaurant, and luckily for us had just about finished eating, when the power for about 95% of the town was knocked out. Apparently the power outages are a regular occurrence here, since the power grids are old and all of the power lines are above ground. We lose power if it rains too hard, the wind blows too hard, there is too much snow or ice . . . you get the idea. Anyway, apparently this time it was a house-fire. We spent nearly half-an-hour eating by the light that filtered in through the window from a nearby gas station that had its own generator. Our waitress was on top of things enough to have already printed out our check prior to losing power, so we paid cash and debated for a few moments whether it would be worth driving to the theater in the event that they had lost power as well. As we were trying to decide, the lights began coming back on and the rest of "date night" was uneventful. It's definitely something that we'll laugh about from now on though!

Some of our other "lasts" . . . we had our last parenting class the other evening. For as crazy as that group started out, it ended up being a pretty fun group (since some of the strange couples from the beginning didn't attend all the way through) and the instructor definitely had a knack for story-telling and imagery! Some of the mental pictures that I had in my head as she was explaining some of the "joys of childbirth" were hilarious! We will be spending Thanksgiving with my family . . . the "last" time we will be with them without our little one, since they aren't able to visit us again until after she is born.

Another "last" . . . and this one was a tough one for me! . . . I wore my flightsuit to work for the last time this week. It was such a momentous occasion in my mind that I made my husband take a picture of me before I left the house! My goal was to be able to wear it until my eighth month, and with the help of Thanksgiving, I just made it! Next week when we go back to work again, I'll be forced to wear a set of maternity ABUs (the camouflage uniform we wear which consists of a pair of pants and a top instead of my "onesie" pajamas that are (WERE) my flightsuit that I won't see again until February or March!).

My final "last" . . . or what I thought was going to be a last! I'd always heard that our baby would get less active and I wouldn't feel her moving as much as she got bigger and her little piece of real estate got relatively smaller. So, here I am, thinking that I won't be feeling our baby girl move as much as things progress, but I'm pretty sure she's MAKING room to move in there! I think that's the one thing that I'm going to miss after she is born, but being able to finally see this little acrobat will be that much better!

Until next time . . .

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