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Week 35
~ Road Trip!

Week 35 began with a road trip from Oklahoma to Kansas . . . a nearly five hour ride in the car with my husband, a 19 month old German Shepherd, and my eight month pregnant self! Thank goodness Oklahoma City is pretty much the half-way pointů I got to stop at the Cheesecake Factory to take a "potty break", stretch my legs, and pick up a red velvet cheesecake for Thanksgiving dinnerů YUMMY!! I'd make that drive every weekend for a piece of that cheesecake if I could!!

It really was great to be able to spend some time with our family before our little one joins us! It was crazy to think that by the next time we see them all, we will be a little family of three.

The end of the week wrapped up with my first weekly appointment, which meant my first exam appointment to check and see if and how everything is progressing. I will have to say, the exam wasn't exactly the most enjoyable experience, but it was great hearing the doctor say that things are starting to move right along. She said that I appeared to be at about one centimeter dilated, the baby had dropped, and I was just starting to thin out. By the end of next week I'll be considered full-term so . . . BRING ON BABY!!

Until next week . . .

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