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Week 37
~ Planes, Trains and Automobiles

My third weekly exam appointment (37w 6d) revealed nothing in the progress department. The doctor said that I was still at one centimeter and that my cervix was still continuing to thin out. Once again, no real changes from last week... maybe next week?? I have to admit, I was sure there would be at least SOME additional progress by this point, but I guess I'm just not ready.

My aches and pains have been pretty consistent over the last week... plus feeling the pressure in my pelvis from the baby settling into position. I feel like my belly is getting bigger by the day and I'm starting to get a bit nervous as to the size of this little bundle of joy, wondering if I'm going to be able to have a natural and drug-free birth. I'm not opposed to having an epidural if it comes to that, but I also don't want her to get so big that I have difficulties and end up requiring a c-section. One day at a time, I guess!

So, being that my husband and I are both pilots (with military and civilian ratings), and that our families live in various different states scattered across the US, my husband has been doing a lot of research into purchasing a new mode of transportation - an airplane! He finally found one that met his list of requirements in a Piper Arrow. He had to fly out to the east coast to pick up the plane last week, but I was able to meet him at the local airport (where it will be hangared) the afternoon he brought it home. I was able to take my first trip in the plane with him this past weekend (YES, I was 37+ weeks pregnant!) when we flew to Hutchinson, KS to meet some friends at a "fly-in" restaurant for dinner. One of the guys who we met for dinner had said that owning an airplane "makes the impossible possible" and we realized just how true that was on this one trip! We made a quick stop into Wichita, KS (along our way to dinner) to visit with my sister and her baby boy and drop off some Christmas presents. The drive to Wichita alone would have taken us nearly five hours... no way we're doing that for an hour-long visit!!... but, instead, the flight took just over an hour. What a way to insure that we are able to stay close to family and friends... incredible!

Until next week . . .

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