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Week 38
~ A Christmas Baby??

It's starting to sound like a broken record but, my fourth weekly exam appointment (38w 6d) revealed very little in the progress department. The doctor said that I was now at two centimeters and that my cervix was continuing to thin out. They also asked if I wanted to have my membranes stripped. I hadn't really thought about having that done, hadn't done much research into the procedure, and my husband and I had not talked about it at all. Needless to day, my answer for this appointment was "No, but maybe we'll think about having it done next week if I haven't made much progress."

I began researching more about what is really done when a doctor "strips" your membranes and whet the side effects might be. My desire to have as natural of a birth as possible is making me lean in that direction for next week. I know that if my body isn't ready, the procedure will do nothing but make me uncomfortable for a while. I also know that the longer our little girl stays in there, the bigger she is growing (possibly up to half of a pound each week!) and that will increase my chances for having a c-section because she is just too big... which, obviously, I'd like to avoid! So much to think about!

So, the big news for this week... it's Christmas!! We had to play it by ear (taking into consideration weather, my progress, our schedule, etc.), but we ended up taking the plane up to Wichita to spend Christmas with my sister, her husband and their 5-month old son... making the impossible possible once again, since I don't think I would have wanted to risk the nearly-five-hours-each-way drive to spend Christmas in Wichita in my 38th (approaching 39th) week of my first pregnancy... you never know what might happen! It was sort of bittersweet, though. While we were blessed to be able to spend Christmas with part of our family, it was the first Christmas that we were unable to be together with my parents. Talking to them on the phone just wasn't the same. (They do have plans to come and visit us in Oklahoma after the baby arrives, but could only take a week off from their jobs... so we plan on having a Christmas Part 2 with everyone after the new year.)

I think our little baby girl has received more gifts than any of us, and she's not even here yet! (That's ok though... I'd rather she get spoiled now while she's too young for it to matter!) Christmas came and went uneventfully. The trip there and back went smoothly (except for the flak that I received from a few people who thought I was crazy for flying in a small airplane a week from my due date). We were able to spend Christmas with family and friends. No Christmas baby.

Until next week . . .

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