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Lisa's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Lisa's pregnancy journal.

Lisa Uotinen is 31 years old with a two year old daughter. She experienced severe depression during her first pregnancy, and Ana was born at 33 weeks and spent 6 weeks in intensive care. Choosing to have another child was a big leap of faith for Lisa and her husband, Karl. Amie Katherine was born big and healthy at 37 weeks on July 18, 2003.

Join Lisa as she chronicles her pregnancy week by week.

Lisa's Journal Entries

Meet Lisa

Week 14
Goodbye Morning Sickness!

Week 15
Pooh's Tummy

Week 16
Where Did My Energy Go?

Week 17
Family Togetherness

Week 18
My Secret Fantasy

Week 19
Waiting for some maternity clothes and an ultrasound!

Week 20
It's a . . .

Week 21

Week 22
Amie or Erin?

Week 23
We're just rolling right along!

Week 24
Happy Easter

Week 25
I'm "more pregnant" than ever!

Week 26
Eating well, feeling good- but I can't sleep!

Week 27
Time to take things a little easier

Week 28
This is getting a little harder!

Week 29
Home Alone

Week 30
I think I need servants

Week 31
Pregnancy blessings

Week 32
Pregnancy Complaints

Week 33
The crucial week

Week 34
Pleasant surprises!

Week 35
The waiting game

Birth Story!
37 Weeks!

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