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  Week 15 ~ February 13, 2003
~ Pooh's Tummy

I was really afraid that after my last glowing entry about how great I felt, that I would jinx myself, and that Week 15 would begin like this: "Well, last week was great, but this week I feel horrible again…" Thankfully, that hasn't happened. I haven't been nauseous, and I'm eating everything. In fact I'm hungry all the time. And when I eat, I don't exactly feel full; I just feel less empty. I identify a lot with Winnie the Pooh in my daughter's book Pooh's Honey Tree:

"Pooh's tummy always looked quite full. But it always felt quite hungry."

If there is food around, watch out--I will snatch it. I'm trying to keep sugary snacks and chocolate OUT of our house, because if it's in the house, I'll eat it. Unless it's processed food like Velveeta or Lean Cuisine entrees. I only want natural stuff--no artificial stuff added, please. Of course that's nearly impossible to avoid altogether, but I try.

I got another ultrasound! I volunteer at a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, and the staff nurse is being trained to use the ultrasound machine for our clients. So I got to be a guinea pig for her and got some great pictures. As opposed to my last ultrasound at 9 weeks, I could very clearly see the baby and all its fingers and toes. We can't tell the gender yet, but I plan to find out as soon as I can. No waiting for me. Boy, was it moving around a lot. And we even got a picture of him/her sucking his thumb! Amazing! It is so hard to believe that little baby is residing inside of ME.

We told Ana that "mommy has a baby in her tummy". She stared at us and I think she was trying to decide if we were serious or not. After all, it is pretty crazy! Especially when you hear about it for the first time. She wanted to see my tummy. "I can't see it," she said (meaning the baby). "No, it's inside Mommy's tummy," I said. "It'll grow inside Mommy and come out when it's big enough." Now she makes periodic announcements that "Mommy has a baby in her tummy!" She wants to see my tummy sometimes and pat it. A couple of times she's asked if she also has a baby in her tummy, or if Daddy has a baby in his tummy. "No, just Mommy". Right now, she seems content with the amount of information we've given her.

We're painting the basement and I'm paranoid about the paint fumes. So we've been living with the basement doors and windows open, and sometimes I open our bedroom windows if I can smell the paint. This would be fine except that it's hardly been above freezing for the last couple of weeks. So we're a little cold this week. . .

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