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  Week 17 ~ February 28, 2003
~ Family Togetherness

I seem to have kicked the not-so-great feeling from last week, and feel back to normal- or at least, normal for pregnancy.

I'm still eating ravenously, but I had to put a moratorium on candy bars from Kroger. You see, they're on sale for 20 cents each! What a bargain! But way too many found their way into my freezer and I just can't resist them if they're in the house. And If I'm not eating nutritiously, I feel more tired and draggy. My body lets me know if I'm eating healthily or not; I can't fool it. This seems to be especially true when I'm pregnant. So, no more candy bars, and pass the whole wheat bread and vegetables please!!

We are digging out from yet another "winter storm" as they call it, and we are all ready for spring. All three of us (myself, Karl and Ana) have been home together during the day, and we've managed to enjoy it and not go crazy. You see, Karl is between jobs right now; he has left his former law firm and looking for new possibilities. So, we've had quite a bit of family togetherness, and it has really been great. Being unemployed is a precarious position, but we have peace about it. God provides, and not always necessarily through a full-time job and salary. We are being provided for, and we've seen it in many ways already. For example, we didn't even have a computer a couple of months ago; ours crashed and because Karl had his own computer in the office, we didn't replace it. But my df Paige, knowing I wanted to re-connect with StorkNet when I became pregnant, offered the loan of a laptop. This was right before Karl was about to say bye-bye to his office computer. Karl now uses the laptop at home to email and network, and I use it to keep up with the outside world and plug in to StorkNet. What a blessing! The computer came along right when we needed it; to us, that's an example of God and his perfect timing.

Ana loves having Daddy around. I love having him around too, especially when it comes to carrying laundry up and down the stairs. I'm at the point where bending down and lifting are things I like to avoid if possible. I used to stoop down to get pots and pans from the bottom cupboard; now I sit on the kitchen floor and think, OK, is there anything else I need to get while I'm down here? Because I'm not coming down here again! My sense of balance is off, too. I wouldn't think that a few extra pounds and a baby in your belly would throw me off so much, but it really does. Well, actually I've gained almost ten pounds during this pregnancy, if the scale was accurate. I think my face has gained half of it! I definitely look the part; my face has filled out, I have that tired-eyes look, and my skin is clear as a bell. Looks like pregnancy to me.

I've not felt the baby move for the last few days. For most women, that's always a temptation to worry--is the baby OK? Why haven't I felt him? And of course, it's a little worrisome to me too, even though I know there's nothing abnormal about lack of movement for a few days. I guess that feeling movement is the ultimate sign that the baby is thriving, and when it's not there, I miss it. Of course, later on I will probably be wishing that this baby would STOP moving so I can get some sleep!

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