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  Week 19 ~ March 16, 2003
~ Waiting for some maternity clothes and an ultrasound!

Sorry this is a little late. We just got back from visiting my mom. We were there for almost a week visiting with my mom, my sister and her husband, who flew in from another state. I brought the laptop but just couldn't ever seem to unpack it and plug it in. I was on a little personal vacation from responsibility. With Grandma, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Erik nearby, Ana had lots of people to feed her, bathe her, and generally entertain her. So Karl and I both enjoyed a bit of a break this past week. We all did some shopping, went to a couple museums, and just enjoyed being together.

When I mentioned that we all went shopping, I should explain that my husband and I had a very different shopping experience from Ana. You see, Grandma took Ana shopping at the mall. My husband and I, however, went shopping at the local Salvation Army thrift store! So, mom and dad may look a little shabby, but Ana is dressing in style. Oh well. I had hoped to find some low-price maternity clothes, but didn't have much luck. It's hard to find maternity clothes that fit a short, petite pregnant woman. All the stuff I found at Salvation Army was huge and horrible. By horrible, I mean big ruffly shirts with bows and polka dots. BUT I did find some elastic pants in a regular size that look almost new, so the trip wasn't a complete loss.

I am reluctant to buy brand-new maternity clothes. I'm too cheap. I have so far refused to buy any new maternity clothes except for one sweater and one pair of pants. That doesn't leave me with much to wear, because I went kind of crazy after I had Ana and got rid of almost all my previous maternity clothes. I just couldn't stand them anymore. They reminded me of being sick and pregnant and I was sick of them. So they're gone, which leaves me with about two outfits that I can wear right now, besides sweatpants and sweatshirts. I guess I'm waiting for someone on the street to walk up to me and say, "I have a bunch of maternity clothes in just your size, would you like to have them?" So far, that hasn't happened! I think I may need to bite the bullet and go to Target and buy some things to wear, like a sensible person. You can only do so much with two outfits in your closet!

I am finally beginning to feel the baby move a little bit more. It's still just "swishes" and flutters. But I want to feel some kicks! I still think I felt more movement at this time with Ana. So that's been on my mind a lot--when am I really going to feel this kid? And when will my husband be able to? I know it's still early on . . . I'm just impatient for it. I REALLY want another ultrasound, partly to just check on how things are going, and also to find out the gender. My next doctor's appointment isn't until March 26. I went too long between appointments for the stupid reason that I can rarely make an appointment more than three or four weeks in advance, because "the schedule isn't up yet." So when I go in for an appointment, I can't just make the next appointment before I leave the office. Why? Because "the schedule isn't up yet, sweetheart. You'll have to call in a couple of weeks." I can't tell you how frustrating this is, because by the time I get around to calling, there's nothing available for three or four MORE weeks. Does anyone else have this problem at their doctor's office? Doesn't it seem like in this day and age, with the technology we have available to us, that a doctor's office should be able to come up with a way to create a patient schedule more than a month in advance? OK, maybe this isn't such a big deal, but when I realize that it's been way over a month since my last doctor's appointment, and I'm itching to check on the baby, I start getting a little critical. Sorry!

Everything else is going just fine. I'm still tired, but eating and sleeping well. And my tummy is definitely starting to feel a little stretched!

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