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  Week 22 ~ April 7, 2003
~ Amie or Erin?

Wow, is it Week 22 already? The weeks are going faster than I can keep track. During my last pregnancy I had the weeks all marked on my calendar up to Week 40, and I think it really defeated my purpose of helping me get through them quickly. I think it made time seem slower, because every time I looked at the calendar I was reminded of exactly where I was in the pregnancy and how far I had to go. Needless to say, I didn't do that this time. But even if I had, I've been busy and occupied and actually not even noticing my pregnancy too much this week. I've felt more energetic than since before I was pregnant. In fact, I've been in organizational overdrive--is this still the nesting instinct? I thought that didn't kick in until later, but I think I have it now. I've organized files, baby clothes, kitchen cupboards--you name it, I've organized it. I've thought about how to arrange the new baby room/old guest room. I've gotten down the baby clothes from the attic and put them in drawers. I made myself stop at that point, but only because Ana's not ready to let go of the crib and changing table yet, so we'll fix up the room later.

Well, I had dreamed earlier about someone walking up to me and offering me maternity clothes--and it happened! A fellow StorkNetter and petite, formerly pregnant person, sent me a great box in the mail of clothes that are beautiful and fit me. Hurray! And believe it or not, the same thing happened at the DMV last week--not for maternity clothes, but for baby girl stuff. I was at the DMV renewing my driver's license (I will not tell you how long I've been breaking the law and driving on an expired license) and the lady giving me my road test noticed I was pregnant, asked what I was having, and offered me a couple of boxes of baby girl clothes. She gave me her card to call her and arrange to pick them up. And my neighbor just gave me a box of summer clothes for Ana that her twins have outgrown. What a blessing--people are literally appearing out of the blue and offering me clothes! A dream come true!

I think that with all the travelling and general busy-ness, I haven't even mentioned my doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago, right before we left for Ohio and Michigan. In a nutshell, everything is fine. We heard the heartbeat. I had blood drawn for blood tests. He's not going to schedule me for any more ultrasounds, probably, unless there's a pressing need. I've been getting freebies at the Crisis Pregnancy Center where I volunteer. My next appointment is April 28.

OK--here's the name dilemma. Amie or Erin? I like Amie, Karl likes Erin. If you can think of a compelling reason why we should name her one over the other, let me know.

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