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  Week 23 ~ April 14, 2003
   ~ We're just rolling right along!

The second week of April here was a rainy, gray and cold week. We were inside most of the week, but nevertheless I stayed pretty busy. I had Karl drag down all Ana's baby clothes from the attic; I went through all of them and put the 0-3 months clothes in dresser drawers in the baby's room (currently the guest room). Then I sorted the rest of them into four plastic bins which are now under the bed in the guest room. To tell you the truth, it was great fun. I got to see all Ana's baby clothes again, and decide which ones to keep and which ones were beyond rescue due to stains, etc. I decided which sizes of clothes we're low on (for some reason I saved only two 9-12 months outfits from Ana) which helps when I visit my favorite consignment stores and check out the baby clothes selection. I am so glad we're having a girl! I feel like I'll just slide more naturally into the mommy thing with another baby girl.

Number one physical complaint this week: insomnia. I have a hard time getting to sleep. Once I'm asleep, I'm asleep all night, but getting there has been very difficult. So I dug out my trusty pregnancy resources to read up on this problem. I think part of the problem is caffeine; I almost never drink coffee or Coke, but I do snack on chocolate now and then. According to my book, even a small amount can affect your sleep. This is especially true if you're pregnant, because caffeine breakdown and elimination during pregnancy are slow. So - no more chocolate for a while.

I'm also experiencing "restless legs" at night. As soon as I'm all ready for sleep my legs are restless and twitchy, and I can't relax. Getting out of bed and stretching my muscles has helped. And speaking of stretching, my muscles and ligaments supporting my uterus are definitely getting a REAL good stretch; if I move a certain way or stretch to the side I can sometimes feel a sharp pain. I hope they have a lot more "stretch" in them; my uterus still has a long way to go!

Another ultrasound for me! I was able to fit one in while volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. The baby was in constant motion. At one point her face was looking right at the camera. It was kind of an eerie feeling to look right at her, knowing she couldn't see us. I am content for her to stay inside the womb for awhile longer. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was already rushing it along. But after the sickness went away, and now that the fatigue is not nearly as bad, I'm willing to just wait and anticipate for a while. That's a good feeling!

And the best breaking news of all: Karl was offered a position as an attorney at a small law practice in Roanoke. He will start in May. This is a wonderful answer to ours and many others' prayers. Honestly, we weren't ever much worried about Karl's job situation; we've been enjoying Karl's break from the daily grind. It has been a restful time for all of us. Obviously we had (and still have) financial concerns, but all our needs have been provided for. And, thankfully, Karl's new employer will cover the cost of health insurance premiums when he starts in May. Thank you, God!

I can feel the baby moving much more often now, although still not quite as often as I felt Ana. My doctor said I probably just don't notice the movement as much this time, because I'm running after a two-year-old all day! He's probably right, but somehow I can just TELL this baby is different from Ana. People used to tell me that they could notice personality differences in their children right from the womb. I was a little skeptical, but I think I'm beginning to feel the same way! This one's movement doesn't feel as intense as Ana's movement. This baby seems a little quieter. I know it's a stretch to draw this parallel, but I struggled terribly with being content while I was pregnant last time. I was always counting the days--when will this pregnancy end? And I think Ana was in tune with that discontent, and she wanted out, too! (and out she came- seven weeks early and within seven hours of labor). But this time, I'm relatively comfortable, content and WAY more healthy than I was during my first pregnancy. I'm perfectly happy to wait until the due date. Well, I say that now. I may not feel so content by Week 35!) I'm so much more relaxed, and I think the baby is, too.

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