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  Week 24 ~ April 22, 2003
   ~ Happy Easter

I suddenly noticed this week that my belly is huge! I am carrying this baby way out in front. Twice this week, when I told a person my due date, they looked at me and asked if I was having twins! I think I was almost this big when I gave birth to Ana at 33 weeks, and I know I weigh almost as much. That's probably because I have been eating really well, maybe a little too well. I've been cooking a lot and trying to stick to healthy, nutritious foods.

It's getting harder to reach around my belly to do things like put on my socks and tie my shoes. And I have to roll myself out of bed each morning. I've started sleeping on my left side, for the most part. I can't breathe as easily when I'm lying on my back or my right side. And when I'm outside pulling weeds or picking herbs, I basically have to sit all the way down, prop myself up with one hand, and pick weeds with my other hand.

I have discovered my sciatic nerve! (I hope I spelled that right.) Baby is putting pressure on this nerve, resulting in a real pain in the butt, literally. I feel it in my rear on the right, when I put pressure on it or take a step. Sometimes it seems to go away for awhile, but other times it hurts!

I have a confession to make- please don't tell my doctor, but I haven't been taking my prenatal vitamins lately. I hate swallowing the huge pills, but I think I'm mainly skipping it because I feel that I'm already eating enough to get the vitamins and minerals that I need. And the vitamins make me gag. I took my daughter's Flintstones chewable vitamins for awhile, and I'll try to take those regularly from now on. I know, I know, bad girl!

This spring has been wet and chilly, but the blooms have been beautiful on the dogwoods, redbuds, azaleas and everything else. We have beautiful red tulips in our front yard flower bed, the prettiest they've ever been.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ana and I went to a little kids' Easter party (in the chilly rain, outside) on Saturday and she participated in her first Easter egg hunt. She wasn't real competitive; she preferred to watch everyone else hunt the eggs. This was fine with me, because I move slowly these days. She was a little nervous around the costumed Easter bunny; she kept saying "Easter bunny going home now? Easter bunny going home?" She had a good time, but the next day came down with a worse version of the cold that she's been fighting for a week. She made it to church the next morning for another Easter egg hunt, and enjoyed wearing her pretty white Easter dress with her cross necklace. She got to help "flower the cross"; all the children come up to the altar and decorate the bare, wooden cross with fresh flowers. By this point, however, she was completely Eastered out and needed a long nap.

It's been a good week, although we're all fighting colds now. Other than that, I feel pretty well most of the time. I'm waiting now for more of the third trimester aches, pains and exhaustion; it hasn't really hit yet. So I'm trying to get as much done around the house as I can while I have the energy!

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