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  Week 26 ~ May 4, 2003
   ~ Eating well, feeling good- but I can't sleep!

I have become an insomniac. Once I get to sleep I'm usually OK for the night, but getting to sleep is becoming very difficult. I've always had a hard time winding down at night, but now it takes me hours to get to sleep no matter what I do. Part of the problem is "restless legs" as my trusty pregnancy book calls it. When I lay down and try to relax, my legs get twitchy and restless. I can't remember exactly why this is a symptom of pregnancy but I guess it has something to do with the extra weight my legs are supporting now. I stretch, I read, I drink milk, I eat, I do all these things and then try to get to sleep again, and usually it takes several tries. I'm getting a lot of reading done, though!

And I'm also having a hard time getting to sleep because of this big bulge in my middle! I'm pretty much restricted to lying on my left side; I can't breathe as well on my right side, or on my back, and obviously lying on my stomach is out. Then I wake up and my left hip hurts. And then, I get out of bed and my sciatic nerve screams! Ouch!

Enough for aches and pains; everything else is going just fine. I'm not craving food every minute of the day anymore, thank goodness. I was feeling like a slave to the refrigerator for a while. I still HAVE to eat every meal or I'm in trouble, but I can actually make it between meals without snacking now! And I'm not craving carbohydrates and chocolate quite as much, which is good! For a while there I was having a real struggle with wanting to eat sugary stuff all the time. I feel like my appetite is back to normal now. (I only want to eat candy bars occasionally, that is!)

During my last pregnancy I had no "nesting instinct" whatsoever; during this one, however, I'm making up for all the fun I missed out on. I am painting bedrooms, making curtains, scrapbooking, writing in these new little baby memory books . . . I feel like I have limited time to do all this, and when I have a deadline, I get working! I wonder if all this energy will just work itself out of my system one day, and leave me exhausted. Oh well, I figure I should go with it while I've got it.

Ana regularly comes up to me and says "I want to see mommy's baby!" She pats my tummy and says, "Hi baby!" She asks if it will play with her, and if she can teach it to climb a tree. She knows that the baby is coming in the summertime.

Looking back over past journal entries, it's easy to forget how yucky I felt during the first trimester! I guess that's why we have all the nausea and fatigue at the beginning; so by the time the baby comes we've forgotten all about it, and just remember the good stuff! And then we sign up to do it again! I'm just glad that I am actually enjoying this part of the pregnancy. I really didn't think it would get better after the first trimester, but it did. For that, I'm thankful!

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