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  Week 27 ~ May 11, 2003
   ~ Time to take things a little easier.

I had my re-scheduled doctor's appointment this week (only had to wait about 30 minutes this time!). The doctor felt my abdomen and made sure everything was in the right place. He gave me some tips on dealing with the sciatic nerve problem; he said to step up and down about ten times with the left leg leading, then with the right. I have my next appointment in three weeks, and will start seeing him every two weeks after that. This is due to my last pre-term delivery; we're playing it safe. Now that I'm getting far along in the pregnancy, I am going to try to take things a little easier. I've been really physically active--playing outside with Ana, painting walls, scrubbing floors, and other things like that around the house--and I just need to slow down a little.

Over the weekend, I thought I felt a small gush of amniotic fluid. It happened first on Friday night, as I got out of bed to check on Ana, and then again Sunday while teaching Sunday School. Having had my water break early, with Ana, I definitely felt a little nervous about it. A tear in the membranes is obviously bad news this early on; besides being a possible sign of labor, it can lead to infection for me and the baby. The problem is, it's sometimes hard to tell whether the fluid is amniotic fluid or just normal discharge. To be on the safe side, I called the physician on call over the weekend and told her what happened. She said that if I didn't have any other signs of labor (which I didn't), and the fluid didn't seem to be leaking continuously, it was probably OK to wait until Monday morning and then come in to the doctor's office. So I did that, and I went in this morning to see the doctor. After another extraordinarily long wait, I was seen by a resident who swabbed my cervix to test for amniotic fluid. There was none. Then my doctor came in, talked with me, and did an ultrasound to check the fluid levels. He said they looked good. And then, the resident checked my cervix and everything seemed normal there. So, I can resume normal life, thank goodness, because I was afraid I might be put on bed rest. I have a fear of confinement to my bedroom! So, all the more reason to take daily life a little easier. My doctor said to call him if I thought I was leaking fluid again. Neither of us wants another premature delivery.

Fortunately my husband has been wonderfully concerned and careful to make sure I take it easier, too. However, it'll be harder to take it easier once he begins work again next week. I've gotten used to having another person around to help do the yardwork, garden, fix things, paint, and help with Ana. Now I don't know how I ever did it alone! We'll definitely have to adjust back to him working full time. And then comes the next big adjustment--a new baby.

In the meantime, I have lots to do! I want to paint Ana's room and the baby's room, we need to clean out the garage, I need to find birth announcements, I want to finish Ana's new memory baby book that I bought, I need to investigate sources for cloth diapers, and I need to fit in time for my new hobby, which I absolutely love and am obsessed with . . . sewing!!! Yes, I have finally learned to sew, and I don't know which pregnancy hormone is responsible for this sudden interest in fabric, curtains and sewing, but I am greatly enjoying it. Until now, I have always been greatly intimidated by sewing, sewing machines, needles, and people who enjoy those things. To me, sewing meant hunkering over an incomprehensible machine, completing mysterious projects, and, worst of all, precise measuring and numbers and patterns that look like ancient hieroglyphics. Ironically, I taught Work and Family Studies for a year, which involves subjects like sewing. Well, I avoided sewing like the plague when I was in high school, and I managed to completely avoid it while teaching, too. I taught in a room with eight sewing machines, and I actually asked the janitor if he could move them out of my room and into storage! I was afraid of them.

But, deep down, I knew I'd learn to sew someday, and the day has come. My mother-in-law gave me her sewing machine and a sewing basket filled with sewing tools some time ago. I decided now was the time to get busy and learn. So, I hauled the machine to my mother-in-law's house, and she gave me a wonderful tutoring session in how to use it. I checked books out of the library, asked ladies questions about sewing at church, and emailed my sister and my cousin who both sew beautifully. And . . . ta-da! I am officially a beginner. I've completed two projects--pillow shams and a valance for the basement door. I proved to myself that I'm not brain-damaged when it comes to sewing. And I'm hooked. I love it. And now I'm laying out a pattern for a baby dress! What fun! I think it's a great way to pass the time while pregnant. I feel so productive when I do it.

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