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  Week 29 ~ May 26, 2003
   ~ Home Alone

Well, this week was a week of transition. Karl is back at work full time, and Ana and I are re-inventing a routine at home by ourselves during the day. After having TWO people at home full-time for the last few months, I have truly realized that house/yard work is never done, never! There is always something more to do. Two people can keep busy all day, every day by taking care of one house, yard, garden, garage, two cars and a two-year-old daughter. We did. Of course, we did some extra home-improvement work like painting, and because it's spring we had some extra work in the yard and garden. We re-seeded part of the lawn that our dear dog destroyed, planted a garden, flowers, trimmed tree branches and vines, etc. It was wonderful to do all these things as our daily work at a leisurely pace rather than cramming them in on the weekend. And Ana loved having both Mommy and Daddy every day!

So I was a little nervous about the upcoming transition back to the old routine, with Karl at work all day and coming home at dinnertime. How would I ever get everything done alone and seven months pregnant? How would I manage without my full-time helper at home to pick up the slack when I was tired or to take charge of our yard? Well, it turns out I'm managing fine. I have to take a lot of rests during the day, but I can slowly make progress on the daily chores, shopping, cooking etc. just like before. Ana talks about missing Daddy every day. I'm so glad she had extended time with him these past few months. What a blessing! And Karl is healthier and happier than ever, since he had a few months off. He's going into this job on the right foot. Our new health insurance policy kicks in June 1, and I can hop right on the plan even though I'm pregnant. Yay!

I met with the pediatrician who will be Ana's and the baby's new doctor. His office is beautiful and has toys for kids, and he was very thorough and took lots of time to answer my questions. He'll try to get to the hospital within two days of the baby's birth to take a look at her. Her first check-up at her office will be within a week. I appreciated how he spelled out the timeline of office visits, shots, etc. He gave me an information booklet on the office and exactly how to reach him or the other doctors on call, anytime night or day. I feel really good about putting them in the care of a pediatrician; Karl and I will still see our family doctor, and he will continue to give me prenatal care and deliver the baby, just like last time.

So things are going really well, and we feel blessed. I'm getting a little tired of lugging this baby around in my belly; she's pretty heavy. I have aches and pains and insomnia, and I have to take a lot of rests, but overall I can't complain too much. I'm sticking close to home for the rest of the pregnancy, now that I'm getting near the point where Ana was born (33 weeks). I hope to stay out of the hospital until week 39 or 40, but my chances of going into premature labor are much higher now that it's happened once before. I really don't know whether it will happen again. I'm assuming it won't, but I have to be prepared for it if it happens. So far, so good!

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